Embarking on Digitalization with MSC and e2open

If there was one thing to learn from the way the global pandemic affected the shipping industry, it was to expect the unexpected. While some experts predicted that reopening economies would cause gridlock in global shipping, no one was expecting the chaos taking place at ports and along trade routes.

Compounding the current issues, the container shipping industry has long been bogged down with time-consuming manual tasks and paper-based processes while struggling with a lack of access to reliable data. Digitalization is one solution to those problems, but not all solutions are created equal. Stepping up to enable automated access to trustworthy data is INTTRA by e2open (INTTRA), the largest neutral digital network and information provider at the center of the ocean shipping industry.

Learn how e2open’s INTTRA platform can facilitate digitalization within your company by watching a recent video testimonial from Andre Simha, Global Chief Digital & Information Officer for MSC and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Digital Container Shipping Association (DSCA). An industry expert with more than three decades of experience, Andre shares valuable insights on digital transformation and innovation in light of current conditions in the shipping industry.

These three components that are crucial for successful digitalization:

  • It’s not just about tech! Technology for the sake of technology won’t deliver results. Instead, we should look at how technology can improve transparency, efficiency, security and sustainability while reducing costs and providing better service for customers.
  • We have to do it together. In an interconnected industry like global shipping, digitalization can’t happen in isolation. Collaboration is key.
  • Interoperability and common standards are essential. The latest and greatest technology solutions will only be effective if they can operate across multiple carriers, service providers and locations.

Why is the INTTRA platform the industry standard for digitalization? We’ve put in the work to ensure that our platform delivers on all three crucial components with excellence—particularly interoperability. e2open proudly participated in the creation of the DCSA track and trace standards, becoming one of the first technology solution providers to fully implement standards that enable cross-carrier shipment tracking. Andre says that it will take widespread adoption of the DCSA standards to enable the industry to achieve the increased visibility and real-time responsiveness that result in greater reliability and an improved customer experience.

Check out Andre’s video testimonial below, and contact us to learn more about how to level up your digitalization strategy.

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