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Unlock your company’s potential. Business is changing rapidly, requiring greater skill and diverse knowledge that address the needs of organizations across multiple industries. Not all companies have the capabilities they need in house, and it’s easy to be intimidated. That’s where a world-class professional services team can bridge the skills and knowledge gap.

Seamless Engagement Accelerating Business Results

Every e2open Professional Services team member is focused on delivering the outcome outlined in our client engagements by bringing together and leveraging the extensive knowledge of our sales, product, services, customer success and support teams in a seamless engagement model. e2open brings you 20 years of professional services experience helping the world’s leading companies optimize their businesses by tapping into the knowledge of our process, technology and industry experts. We drive results by helping you improve efficiencies and reduce costs while enabling you to explore new business models.

Our Global Team: The Industry’s Highest Level of Experience

The e2open Professional Services team deploys an international force of over 500 highly skilled experts located around the globe. These resources represent the highest level of experience in the industry, implementing on-demand software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions since the term was born. No one has been doing it longer than we have. Let us show you how we can bring this expertise to bear to deliver next-level results to your organization.

E2launch: Six Steps to Success

Our customers are at the center of every professional services engagement. We deliver results by establishing an effective framework and then work to drive standards and consistency. As your project progresses through each phase, our implementation methodology prescribes key activities and deliverables that bring together multiple work streams. Each engagement is different, and our methodology has the flexibility to enable us to meet customers’ varying needs.

We collaborate with you by incorporating our six-step E2launch proven methodology that draws on a history of orchestrating successful customer engagements: Enable, Mobilize, Analyze & Design, Configure & Validate, Launch, and Measure & Adapt. This approach drives project delivery excellence and aligns with desired customer business outcomes.

Experience is the greatest teacher and one of our most significant differentiators. Our 20 years of deploying customer solutions are invaluable for creating a successful engagement. We know it’s critical that our Professional Services team integrates early and in conjunction with sales, enabling us to ensure a seamless transition. Many other companies don’t bring in their services team until later—but that’s a recipe for frustration at best and failure at worst. Our team of experts is assigned proactively, so they are aligned with your expectations to deploy solutions in an efficient and effective manner.

After the Enable phase is complete, the foundation of the project engagement is established in the Mobilize phase based on clearly defined project planning, governance and success criteria. Focused and disciplined effort on the part of e2open Professional Services and your team—collaborating together—is critical.

The functional needs of the engagement are mapped to the technical requirements, ensuring that your business goals are met. Leveraging our history and experience, our team members provide business-process counsel and best practices throughout the design engagement to ensure solution scalability, adoption and alignment with your business requirements. Depending on your scope and direction, e2open can support big-bang design engagements, more iterative agile design projects and everything in between.

In this phase, e2open Professional Services is working to configure the solution, bringing together data sources and ensuring that everything is customer-test ready. We make sure you have visibility into the configuration progress through facilitated demos and walkthroughs, or iterative functionality releases when the solution is being delivered in an agile-type model.

We take on an active role in the launch phase of your project, working with your organization to support your solution from planning to launch and beyond. We enable complex information to be delivered in a single view that addresses your business needs.


We help you tune your deployment into a high-performing operational solution, driven by our early engagement model and leveraging our industry-leading customer support. Our customer support personnel work with you to ensure timely resolution on any production issues while our customer success team collaborates with your team to drive solution adoption to maximize the business value for your company.

Experience, Agility, Resources, Flexibility

Leverage the highest level of expertise available worldwide. We bridge the skills and knowledge gap to accelerate and optimize your business results.

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