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LIVE WEBINAR with SiriusDecisions

Channel Incentives Evolution and Way Forward

Austin, Texas / May 23, 2019 at 10 AM CT
Join Angela Leech from SiriusDecisions and Shawn Lane from E2open to hear how the shift in channel landscape is evolving incentive strategies, what it takes to be successful and the new technology to capture competitive advantage.

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  • A New Era of Channel Management Webinar

A New Era of Channel Management Webinar


SiriusDecisions and E2open discuss how recent M&A activity in the channel management space has brought together 5 major brands – Zyme, Birch Worldwide, Entomo, CCI and Foster MacCallum – onto a unified technology [...]

  • Predictive Analytics for Demand Planning

Predictive Analytics for Demand Planning


The wealth of real-time data available today can help determine future demand for your organization’s products and services. In global supply chain management, the application of predictive analytics is key to creating flexible [...]

  • The State of Demand Planning Performance

The State of Demand Planning Performance


How good is best-in-class forecasting performance? How bad is item proliferation? Can prescriptive analytics like Demand Sensing provide a step-change in performance? In this webinar, John Lash, VP of Product Marketing at E2open, [...]

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