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7 Ways the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Could Affect Your Company



7 Ways the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Could Affect Your Company

Join Suzanne Richer for an in-depth review of the Custom and Border Protection’s (CBP) recommendations to ensure your company stays compliant with the UFLPA legislation.

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  • A Realistic Guide to Calculating MDF ROI

A Realistic Guide to Calculating MDF ROI

Channel leaders must strengthen the strategic execution of partner incentive programs with Market Development Funds (MDF) being crucial to activating partner demand. How can MDF return on investment (ROI) be credibly measured? In [...]

  • A New Way of Thinking, with E2open

A New Way of Thinking, with E2open

Join E2open’s President and CEO Michael Farlekas as he discusses the growth transitions culminating in the company’s recent public announcement. You’ll also get Michael’s perspective on handling disruptions, and on key supply chain concepts [...]

  • How to Set Up and Manage a Scalable Rebate Program

How to Set Up and Manage a Scalable Rebate Program

Rebates are designed to gain channel mindshare, meet competitive situations, and manage channel conflict. However, complex rules and processes, misalignment, and large claim volumes often limit results. E2open’s Partner Performance Incentives application helps you create [...]

  • Supply Chain Shifts to Watch in Europe.

Supply Chain Shifts to Watch in Europe

It’s not an easy task to maintain a successful supply chain strategy when the environment keeps shifting.  Regulatory pressures, changing social and environmental standards, consumer buying behaviour, and the new normal have impacted [...]

  • E2talk The Dark Side of the Channel

E2talk: The Dark Side of the Channel

The benefits of transacting through a channel are well known. However, companies rarely consider the risks of breaking trade compliance regulations beyond their first distribution tier. Companies who do not comply face serious fines, [...]

  • E2talk: Manufacturing Re-Imagined

E2talk: Manufacturing Re-Imagined

A Case Study on Driving Quality Improvements and Supply Chain Performance in Your Manufacturing Network. Today’s manufacturing landscape is multinational with inventory moving from one country and one supplier to the next, through several stages of highly differentiated manufacturing with [...]

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[GTA Webinar] The Supply Chain of Tomorrow

Supply chains are changing, and the role of trade compliance is too! Suzanne Richer addresses how supply chain disruptions are quickly altering the global trade compliance landscape, which is forcing innovation and helping [...]

  • E2talk: Solve the puzzle: The Key to Successful S&OP

E2talk: Solve the puzzle: The Key to Successful S&OP

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is transforming siloed and decentralized planning to efficient and aligned processes, bringing together all Ecosystems (Demand, Supply, Production, Finance and Logistics). Organizations need a highly configurable S&OP solution with [...]

  • E2talk: Gaining Sharper Visibility

E2talk: Gaining Sharper Visibility

As supply chains continue to adjust to consumer shifts or disruptions of any kind, companies need to have the sharpest, most-focused visibility at every stage of the product lifecycle.  Watch a 30-minute [...]

[GTA Webinar] What’s New in Exports?

Government regulation of exports never stops changing and neither should you. Arm your company with the best defense by staying as up-to-date as possible on new export controls, so you don't get caught [...]

5 Channel Marketing Planning Assumptions for 2020

In this webcast, we’ll review five planning assumptions that channel marketing leaders should consider for 2020, as identified by SiriusDecisions: Channel Marketing Strategy and Planning: Master the Art of Partner Ecosystems Channel [...]

  • podcast who what why of transportation forecasting

The What, Why, and How of Transportation Forecasting

Gary Barraco, an Assistant Vice President of Product Marketing at E2open, speaks with Adrian Gonzalez of Talking Logistics about transportation planning, answering some key questions about the topic such as: What transportation planning is and [...]

  • 5 Global Trade and Supply Chain Trends for 2020

5 Global Trade and Supply Chain Trends for 2020

Global trade is changing at breakneck speed, with ongoing trade tensions between major players, the pressure to reform the global trading system, technological changes, shifting employment patterns and increasing environmental concerns all working [...]

  • Channel Solutions Briefing: The Future of MDF with Special Guest, Yext

The Future of Market Development Funds

Join the E2open Channel team and our friends from Yext as we talk about the future of MDF. We’ll talk about how MDF programs can drive more predictable results, better ROI tracking, and [...]

Channel Incentives Evolution and Way Forward

The nature of the channels is changing. New types of partners are emerging, new engagement models are being crafted, new ecosystems are being formed and the volume of partners is ever growing. These will [...]

  • A New Era of Channel Management Webinar

Logistics and Channel Management: A New Era

SiriusDecisions and E2open discuss how recent M&A activity in the channel management space has brought together 5 major brands – Zyme, Birch Worldwide, Entomo, CCI and Foster MacCallum – onto a unified technology [...]

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