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July 08, 2022

The Connected Retail Supply Chain

Contributed by Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, Founder of Retail Minded
Achieving a connected supply chain has proven itself a challenge time and time again, particularly as our global economy continues to recover from the pandemic. Keeping this in mind, the National Retail Federation’s recent, debut 360 Supply Chain event was a welcomed experience that delivered valuable insight and solutions for industry decision makers looking to optimize their supply chain efforts.

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Discover the Connected Supply Chain

A disconnected supply chain and the resulting inefficiencies primarily occur due to divisions across enterprise boundaries and partners as well as separate functional areas of a company. e2open presents the […...

Beaver Street Fisheries Manages a Collaborative Supply Chain Network With e2open

Beaver Street Fisheries, a major global seafood distribution company, was experiencing pressure from the constraints of the modern supply chain, while also dealing with increased customer demand.

High Liner Foods Reels In Their Logistics With e2open

High Liner Foods Director of Transportation, Brian Novello, discusses how e2open helped uplevel their logistics capability with greater visibility and strategic carrier planning.

Getting Connected: Jaguar Land Rover’s Journey to Outside-In

As presented at the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo™ 2021, Jaguar Land Rover is rethinking its supply chain management processes by transitioning from a functionally organized, sequential inside-out mindset to a...
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