E2open is the one place in the cloud
to run your supply chain

$1 Trillion

We Drive $1 Trillion in Revenue for Our Clients


Our Solutions Are Used in Over 180 Countries

$500 Billion

Over $500 Billion in Spend Transacted Annually


Over 215,000 Users on Our Network


Over 60,000 Trading Partners Connected to Our Network

3 Billion

3 Billion Transactions Processed Annually Over Our Network

2.5 Million

2.5 Million Validated Channel Businesses

5.5 Million

5.5 Million Validated Channel Locations

Businesses don’t compete – supply chains do. And supply chains compete better with E2open. Powered by the world’s largest direct business network and a broad portfolio of next generation solutions, E2open enables the world’s largest and most complex supply chains to better plan, execute and collaborate all from one place in the cloud.

E2open Demand Sensing

In this 3-minute video, learn how Demand Sensing uses algorithms and machine learning to reduce forecast error by 30-40%.

E2open Announces 17.4 Product Release

New release includes completed integration of Steelwedge S&OP solution, expanded supply planning capabilities, enhanced POS data acquisition, and more.

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The Magic of Predicting Demand from Data

Demand sensing is a key element of a real-time, connected supply chain ecosystem and can kick-start digital transformation. Demand sensing allows companies to get closer to the consumer by creating a better understanding of consumer behavior and its implications for the supply chain, at a time…

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Companies in the dark with indirect sales data

Under huge pressure to compete in a crowded marketplace, the challenge for consumer electronic companies is to develop leading-edge products that appeal to increasingly discerning customers. It is also to effectively dovetail communications with partners in order to drive footfall into retail…

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The Channel Meet Up: Optimizing Partner Performance & Engagement
Menlo Park, CA — -

The Channel Meet Up: Optimizing Partner Performance & Engagement

The Channel Meet Up is…

Channel Focus
Phoenix, AZ — -

Channel Focus North America 2018

Channel Focus is the World’s leading event for people involved in building and developing Channels for the leading companies in the IT/Telecom…