Visibility For All™ removes the barriers for real-time global in-transit visibility across modes and accelerates end-to-end digital supply chain transformation

AUSTIN, Texas — June 9, 2020 — e2open, the one place in the cloud to run your supply chain, today announced that all clients can add In-Transit Visibility to their current subscription for no additional cost. e2open’s global clients can now locate an unlimited number of shipments at no incremental cost across all modes, all geographies, all stops and with ETAs. By including this solution within the client’s existing subscription at no cost, e2open removes a significant barrier to the widespread use of real-time in-transit data to improve global logistics performance, achieve better business outcomes and help companies take an important next step towards digital transformation. Visibility For All™ natively integrates to all e2open applications, allowing each to drive additional value for clients.

“Having to pay for something that is already yours just doesn’t make sense,” said Michael Farlekas, president and chief executive officer of e2open. “What’s more, current solutions are costly. We believe this status quo is upside down, so we are changing the rules. By making real-time location visibility and data for goods-in-transit available to our clients as part of their current subscription, irrespective of the e2open module clients use, we fundamentally change the economics for widespread adoption. We believe the use of this data to make more valuable supply chain decisions allows clients to reinvest funds currently spent on third party tools for higher-value activities. Fewer solutions, less cost, more value!”

It is now commonplace for sourcing, production and distribution to be spread across different countries, with complex shipment patterns, multiple legs and numerous border crossings. To operate with greater resiliency and agility, the industry is shifting to modern networked supply chains designed to see, understand, act and learn. These networks provide visibility to materials and goods in motion and a full suite of supply chain management applications, powered by artificial intelligence, to understand the business implications of delays or early arrivals and act upon decisions through closed-loop connections back to ecosystem partners. This combination has been recognized as foundational for digital transformation. 

e2open’s Visibility For All™ program democratizes the “see” aspect of end-to-end supply chain management by making visibility to all modes of transportation, across all regions of the globe, for all legs of a shipment, across all carriers available free of charge for all e2open clients as part of their current subscription. Real-time visibility to goods in motion provides immediate value for clients, with better management of logistics transactions containing complex and time-sensitive dependencies such as cargo handoffs between carriers for multi-leg and multi-modal shipments. However, the full transformative value is realized when clients connect in-transit visibility data to planning and execution applications – to understand the business impact of delays or early arrivals on production and fulfillment plans and proactively take corrective actions such as diverting or expediting loads.

“Global shippers can’t manage what they can’t see. This new program levels the playing field by making real-time visibility of goods in motion standard issue for all clients,” said Pawan Joshi, executive vice president of product management and strategy of e2open. “In-transit visibility is a basic building block for modern, end-to-end supply chain performance. Real-time tracking of shipments provides foundational data required to power advanced applications that help clients understand the impact of arrival time delays. More importantly, clients can understand the actual business impact of delays and proactively take corrective actions to dramatically reduce the reliance on costly last-minute expedites and re-routes. We believe this capability should be a part of regular supply chain operations and decision making, not a separate siloed and overlaid application. The purpose of e2open’s Visibility For All™ program is to accelerate higher value for all our clients.”

Once implemented, e2open platform users can immediately start tracking shipments and ETAs by providing standard transport data or any additional cross-reference to the e2open platform. When used in conjunction with e2open intelligent applications for planning or execution, the platform automatically manages all relevant cross-references.

As of today, e2open is taking client reservations for its industry-changing In-Transit Visibility application. To learn more about e2open’s In-Transit Visibility application, click here. To reserve your spot, visit or contact your account representative.

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