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5 Emerging Trends in Export Controls

Join the Global Trade Academy to explore the tightening export controls in the Americas and Europe, and discuss the...

Export Management

Keeping up to date on ever-changing trade regulations in foreign markets can get overwhelming. With e2open’s Expo...
Case Studies

Oshkosh Corporation rüstet die Einhaltung von Handelsbestimmungen neu auf

The U.S.-based heavy industrial equipment manufacturer Oshkosh Corporation needed technology and processes that wou...
Case Studies

Premium-Farben- und Beschichtungsunternehmen spart Millionen an Präferenzzöllen

An iconic American manufacturer of home maintenance products sought to improve its use of the United States-Mexico-...
Case Studies

Etihad Cargo verbessert Exportkontrolle und Compliance

Etihad Cargo carries a wide range of commercial and personal cargo, including animals, luxury goods, precious items...
Case Studies

GE Healthcare behebt komplexe Compliance-Probleme im Handel

Moving healthcare products has never been more critical than in recent times. For instance, ensuring speedy, effici...
Solution Briefs

Landed Cost Calculation: Effortless Margin Improvement

Many companies overlook common cost elements, such as duties, tariffs, taxes, harbor fees and handling fees because...
Case Studies

Globales Technologieunternehmen überwindet Compliance-Engpässe und positioniert sich für weiteres Wachstum

A high-growth global technology and software company with more than $100 billion in annual revenue needed the abili...
Case Studies

GEODIS bietet erweiterte Trade-Compliance- und Value-Added-Service-Fähigkeiten

GEODIS is a European transportation, logistics and supply chain organization that grew successfully by providing th...
Case Studies

Allied Electronics automatisiert Handelskonformität bei weltweitem Umsatzwachstum

Allied Electronics & Automation®, a leading distributor of industrial automation components, found it critical...
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