It has been a little over a month since E2open acquired Steelwedge and the media and analyst receptions to the announcement have been extremely strong. It’s great to see so much positive coverage and it’s exciting that these leading industry experts are also seeing the potential that this merger has on the supply chain market.

Collaborative S&OPHere are the five most interesting pieces of coverage since the announcement:

Gartner: Steelwedge Acquisition Enables E2open to Offer Full Planning Suite

“This combination will give E2open differentiation in the market as it will combine multi-enterprise supply chain integration and visibility with multi-enterprise respond planning and optimize planning.”

ChainLink Research: E2open Merges with Steelwedge: Demand/Supply Network Meets S&OP

“E2open has become a formidable player in the supply chain market, entering the elite club of the top five supply chain vendors as the only one with a true, multi-enterprise network architecture.”

IDC: E2open Merges with Steelwedge

“In the opinion of IDC, this merger between E2open and Steelwedge is a very positive move. It is good for the two companies, as we’ve articulated above; but it’s also good for the customers of both companies and for the industry as a whole.

Nucleus Research: E2open Merges with Steelwedge

“By adding best-of-breed S&OP capabilities to its solution suite, E2open will be able to connect a company’s strategic advanced planning with extended visibility of its demand-driven supply chain. The merger with Steelwedge demonstrates that E2open is committed to achieving a completely cloud-based, end-to-end solution. Nucleus sees the acquisition as a step toward breaking down an information block that can reduce the effectiveness of executing on the S&OP process.”

Talking Logistics:This Week in Logistics News: E2open and Steelwedge Join Forces

“Adding S&OP and IBP capabilities will certainly strengthen E2open’s collaborative planning solution footprint. In the bigger picture, however, I believe this marks a new and better approach to S&OP, one that saves it from extinction.”

Our goal is to be the one place, in the cloud, for companies to operate their supply chains in real time. The addition of Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) capabilities from Steelwedge to E2open’s operating capabilities and business network helps us to fully execute on this vision today. Please contact us if you have any questions about how our collaborative S&OP solutions can help your company achieve your goals.