Update broadens core capabilities and delivers enhancements across all suites including recently acquired Amber Road Global Trade Management 

AUSTIN, Texas – November 13, 2019 – E2open, the one place in the cloud to run your supply chain, today announced the release of its fourth quarter technology update, delivering enhanced functionality and an improved user experience across every intelligent application suite including their Global Trade Management and Transportation and Logistics suite.

E2open’s platform approach and rich heritage in multi-enterprise network integration make it possible to quickly integrate new functionality from acquisitions and provide new abilities to break functional silos by connecting the extended supply chain ecosystems to a whole new suite for global trade compliance and logistics. These new capabilities converge into the platform with this update and include significant improvements to channel rebates calculation engine, vendor shipment booking functionality, import and export trade compliance features and a next-generation self-tuning engine for demand sensing modeling.

“At E2open our goal is to build the most complete end-to-end supply chain operating platform in the industry to support our customers’ drive for strategic and operational efficiencies. While many technology companies are broadening their capabilities through acquisitions, very few are unifying them on a networked platform,” said Pawan Joshi, executive vice president of product management and strategy for E2open. “We believe that our network heritage allows us to unify these capabilities and create significant opportunities for our customers and their partners. This release, which includes integrated functionality from the recent acquisition of Amber Road, is another testament to the speed with which our product teams are able to execute on this vision.” 

Additional advancements to E2open’s intelligent application suites include the following:

Channel Shaping

  • New Partner Marketing Incentive platform: Provides a new Harmony user experience and introduces new capabilities including partner landing pages with actionable widgets, Market Development Funding advanced analytics, enhanced benefits summaries and payment statements reports and improved workflow for prior approvals and claims.
  • Improved user experience with data downloads: Users can now quickly download up to 500,000 transactions from the Download Manager screen.
  • Improvements to Business Identification algorithm: Introduces fuzzy search matching capability. Matches can be found for match terms that closely (but not exactly) match the text value. The Business Identification algorithm now uses reseller IDs assigned by the partner instead of reseller names to achieve better match percentage.
  • Tier support in Ship and Debit Rebate Programs: Customers can now define special prices based on tiers – giving bigger discounts to their partners for larger sale quantity while still maintaining their margins for smaller sale quantity.
  • Performance improvement in the Rebates Calculation Engine: The E2open Partner Performance Incentives solution can now process quadrillions of point-of-sale transactions in minutes to compute the rebates for partners. 

Demand Sensing

  • Next generation self-tuning engine: Significantly reduces the effort and time spent on demand sensing modeling for deployment.
  • Parameter hierarchy: Gives users more visibility and control of engine parameters.

Business Planning

  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP): Revamped UI screens with intuitive stepper flows provide self-sufficiency and allow planners to create templates themselves without depending on Super users. Cell level comments allow planners to submit multiple forecast notes at a granular level in a collaborative interface.
  • Supply planning and response: Delivers charting capability for Harmony.
  • Demand planning: Parameter hierarchy view feature enhances the user experience for the parameter management by enabling users to modify the parameter value.
  • Multi-echelon inventory optimization: Automatic inventory model validation simplifies and streamlines stock allocation allowing the right levels of inventory to be accurately predicted at each stage of the supply chain.

Collaborative Manufacturing

  • Future Hold Instruction functionality: Allows early notification to the target supplier regarding the list of lots that are required to be placed on hold in a particular manufacturing area by releasing the ‘hold instructions’ as soon as the affected lots enter their manufacturing location.
  • Limit setting and tracking: Setting and tracking the limit of affected lots to be shipped out improves quality by restricting sub-par quality goods from being shipped out to the end customer.

Supply Management

  • Multi-Collaboration View enhancements: Overall productivity and user experience is improved by incremental rendering, infinite scrolling capabilities and faster aggregation of order collaboration data.
  • Reduced latency for historical analysis of collaboration data: New approach includes performance and architecture improvements and addresses batch processing.
  • Packing list: Supplier users can now create packing lists from the vendor booking request.

Global Trade Management

  • Import Management solution enhancements: Supports high-volume e-commerce shipments and small shipment business domain to determine low value shipment qualification and calculate using Global Knowledge. 
  • Expanded Trade Agreement: Now supports the American Automobile Labeling Act, Buy America and the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement. 

Transportation and Logistics

  • Transport Management: New feature allows for automatic splitting of end-to-end shipments to multiple legs. Shippers can now rate, buy labels and track multiple parcels at one time while respecting service levels and minimizing cost.
  • Container Management: A new feature allows ocean carriers to list empty container moves needed between depots at a set price and leverage the trucker network to balance container yard inventory. Truckers benefit from a new revenue stream by accepting container move jobs posted by ocean carriers.
  • Carrier API integration: Ocean Schedules API and Web customers can now receive enhanced schedules and richer data.
  • Vendor booking: Planners can identify the total transportation costs for a vendor booking by calculating the rates for each leg and mode.

Global Knowledge Trade Content: 

  • Restricted Party List Coverage: E2open added 50 lists bringing the restricted party screening count to 670 global lists.
  • Enhanced Country Coverage: The addition of trade content coverage for four new countries, bringing the E2open content database coverage count to 180 countries.

E2open also launched a Brexit-Ready turnkey solution which allows clients to automatically assess, analyze and mitigate Brexit impacts. The tool clarifies changing customs and trade regulations, assesses landed cost impacts and finds money-saving opportunities to ensure compliance while reducing risk.

Learn More About the Product Updates and Customer Benefits 

As a cloud-based offering, E2open rapidly brings the best in supply chain management technology to customers every day with even more updates than we can share here. E2open customers can access a recording of the 19.4 product release webinar on MyE2open customer portal. For a complete overview of the expanded value E2open customers received in this update and every day across the E2open network, visit https://www.e2open.com/intelligent applications


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