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Fiche technique

Fiche technique

Product Lifecycle Management

In apparel and private-label industries, new products and product lines are designed and launched rapidly—often s...
Fiche technique

Payment Services

Without the help of automation, many challenges can arise when it’s time to pay your channel partners—and costl...
Fiche technique

Incentives and Rebates

Maximize the impact of your channel rebate programs. E2open reduces overpayment risks for even the most complex sce...
Fiche technique

Rewards and Funds Management

Optimized channel marketing performance, lower administration costs, and reduced financial risk are natural outcome...
Fiche technique

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization

By determining the most accurate stocking targets at every node in the extended supply chain, companies can provide...
Fiche technique

Supply Inventory Collaboration

Gain control of inventory in your supply network to address shortages and excesses proactively across every supply ...
Fiche technique

Import Management

Inaccurate paperwork, poor coordination and non-compliance with import rules cost importers millions of dollars eve...
Fiche technique

Global Logistics Orchestration

Global logistics—moving goods from their source to buyers in various locations worldwide—is fraught with comple...
Fiche technique

Global Knowledge®

Complying with global trade regulations and sanctions regimes can be very challenging. Keeping up with continuous c...
Fiche technique

Channel Forecast Collaboration

Collaborating with customers to get a better understanding of future demand empowers brand owners to create a plan ...
Fiche technique

Export Management

Keeping up to date on ever-changing trade regulations in foreign markets can get overwhelming. With e2open’s Expo...
Fiche technique

Demand Signal Management

Respond to market forces faster and drive profitable actions in stores and online. E2open’s Demand Signal Managem...
Fiche technique

Demand Sensing

Estimating aggregated demand months in advance is an established practice, but accurately predicting customer order...
Fiche technique

Customs Filing

When it comes to customs filings for cross-border trade, you usually have two options: prepare and self-file your c...
Fiche technique

Product Cost Management

Having accurate product cost data—not just at the unit level, but for the components in each unit—is crucial fo...

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octobre 02, 2022

Supply Sensing

Les ruptures d’approvisionnement et les lacunes en matière de services constituent des menaces potentielles pour l'ensemble de la chaîne, depuis les matières premières jusqu’aux produits finis. Les effets s'étendent aux opérations internes, à la fabrication externalisée et à la distribution. Supply Sensing d’e2open aide les entreprises à anticiper les probables pénuries de matériaux et lacunes en matière de services sur la durée pour l'ensemble de votre supply chain.

Insufficient insight results in failed promotions and suboptimal performance
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