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Supply Network Discovery: Disrupting the Disruptors 

Unlock the power of your supply chain with e2open’s Supply Network Discovery application. In an era of consta...
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Supply Sensing

Short supply and service gaps at every stage of manufacturing and distribution are potential threats for all of sup...
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Vehicle Routing and Scheduling

Planning the optimal delivery route based on your available resources saves on transportation costs. Responding to ...
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Logistics Visibility

Tracking in-transit cargo in real time rather than merely receiving periodic milestone updates has become increasin...
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Duty Management

Reducing customs duties and tariffs can significantly raise margins. However, most organizations struggle to manual...
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Transportation Management

With shipping making up about 15% of the entire product cost, transportation management is an important element to ...
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Due Diligence Screening

Global supply chains are one of the most collaborative environments in an organization, thus inherently the most vu...
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Manufacturing Collaboration

Manufacturers and Brand Owners are facing a growing list of challenges when engaging with contract manufacturers to...
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Supply Planning

Now manufacturers can quickly and confidently create feasible plans that take into account all materials and capaci...
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When shipping goods globally, companies usually need to use multiple carriers. This means submitting booking reques...
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Sales Order Collaboration

As a brand owner conducting business-to-business selling, you routinely face complex processes involving retailers,...
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Sales and Operations Planning

Organizations confidently balance demand and supply with financial goals by aligning internal and even external sta...
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Gestion des risques et de la qualité

For manufacturers across industries, managing recalls can involve high costs or even life-threatening situations. E...
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Recall Management

Defective products can result in injuries, untold financial liability and brand damage. Companies must quickly iden...
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Purchase Order Collaboration

Global manufacturers often buy from many different suppliers, so keeping track of the progress of each purchase ord...
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