Gaining Sharper Visibility Maintaining Control of Goods on the Move

As supply chains continue to adjust to disruptions or consumer shifts, companies must have the sharpest, most-focused visibility on their goods while they are in-transit. On June 6, during E2open’s E2talk Series: Gaining Sharper Visibility, John Lash, vice president of product marketing, and Gary Barraco, senior director of product marketing, discussed E2open’s industry-changing Visibility For All ™ announcement and what the availability of in-transit visibility at no cost will mean for E2open clients and the logistics industry. We appreciate everyone attending and participating in the conversation by submitting questions to the chat that will be addressed in this blog.

If you would like to learn more about how In-Transit visibility can impact your business, read our latest case study from a prominent European carrier, Logistics Company Improves Parcel Shipping Visibility for Global E-Commerce Customers or check out our on-demand recording of the webinar.

Now let’s get to some of your In-Transit Visibility questions:

1. How many levels of suppliers can you see? 1, 2, 3, etc.

All tiers and all modes are accounted for when using In-Transit Visibility and Predictive ETAs! If the carrier data is provided for a shipment, we can display the location in the application. For more information about the breadth of In-Transit Visibility, please contact your account representative or refer to our In-Transit Visibility Data Sheet.

2. If you only get some data from carriers, will linking the account number be sufficient to extract the rest of the shipping information?

With E2open’s In-Transit Visibility, we are providing the current location of the shipment and the carrier’s ETA. If additional purchase order, SKU, or other data regarding the shipment is required, we will integrate In-Transit Visibility to the necessary supply chain management systems that would provide that data. While this is not part of the free offering, we can configure the application to do this.

3. How do you manage and onboard all multitier echelons?

We have a robust carrier on-boarding and management program that provides quick enablement.

4. Can users upload a bunch of shipments/BOLs, or is this done one-by-one?

Users can upload multiple requests on a single XLS template file through the In-Transit Visibility Interface. Note that there are certain row max limits by set to maintain proper user experience and user interface performance.

5. Is each carrier done separately?

You can search by shipment or journey number across multiple carriers, which are all reported on a single platform.

6. I often see a lag with carriers updating in real-time. Does E2open work with the carriers to update their information in real-time?

Yes. We are confident in the strength of our network connections and that we receive the most up-to-date information from carriers.

7. What other companies can do this type of offering?

To accomplish this level of visibility and accurate predictive ETAs, providers need the combination of a network and the application. E2open has the optimal advantage in the marketplace because we have the right mix: network, applications, and connectivity. We have not identified a direct competitor. To learn more about how Predictive ETAs benefit from leveraging a multi-enterprise network, check out our Predictive ETA Data Sheet.

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