Will Thomas, VP of Sales, E2open
Will Thomas, VP of Sales, E2open

In late 2016, E2open acquired Orchestro, a leading provider of Demand Signal Repository (DSR) technology and preemptive analytics for retail and omnichannel fulfillment. Orchestro’s data, visibility and analytics solutions strategically complement E2open Demand Sensing and have enabled a truly demand-driven supply chain for many leading consumer goods companies. I think it’s important to explore why a scalable DSR platform is a key requirement in today’s landscape and how the unique capabilities of E2open’s solution provides companies with a competitive advantage.

Vast Amounts of Data Available: Take Advantage of It

For well over a decade, consumer packaged goods companies (CPG) have mined and analyzed point- of-sale data (POS) with the goals of:

  • reducing out-of-stock situations
  • measuring promotion effectiveness and assortment
  • improving overall retailer relationships

The amount of data available in today’s digital world along with the frequency of availability makes achieving these goals very challenging, yet enticing. In addition, each day presents change in the form of new product introductions, promotions, on-shelf availability, category expansion, weather shifts, social sentiment and so forth. As a result, companies require a scalable technology platform to capture, cleanse and analyze their data, as well as present insights and recommendations to shape demand decisions and meet the variable state of change in retail.

The underlying technology must be able to support the goals of a broad scope of user groups like sales, category management, supply chain, and retail operations. A holistic view across retailer partners enables revenue and brand roles to more successfully manage promotions and new product introductions.

Why E2open Demand Signal Repository is Unique

Unlike other vendors in the marketplace, E2open (formerly Orchestro) DSR platform was designed and developed to support cross-retailer and multi-data source visibility for the enterprise, rather than siloed sales team point solutions. E2open DSR also uses dynamic attributing and ad-hoc reporting which is paramount due to the constant business change companies face.

E2open DSR is a cloud-based technology that is delivered as a managed service, meaning that E2open manages the day-to-day DSR operations, so that our customer can focus on more value-added analytics. E2open also ensures that resources are available on demand, eliminating shortages in resources during peak periods.

What to Look For in a Demand Signal Repository platform:

  • Scales and supports cross-retailer and multi-data source visibility for the enterprise vs. siloed sales team point solutions.
  • Supports key user communities in sales, category management, finance, space planning, vendor managed inventory and supply chain.
  • Has robust, ad-hoc reporting capabilities vs. other systems with more rigid, template structure and “canned drill paths” that do not allow for ad-hoc, drill anywhere capabilities.
  • Enables users to produce their own information requests vs. other providers that require the vendor support organization to come on-site each time the teams asks for new metrics, reports, decisions, and analysis.
  • Users need tools at the “Speed of thought, not speed of vendor.”

With the acquisition of Orchestro, E2open can deliver cross-retailer analytics, dynamic attribution and ad-hoc analytics, becoming the only solution that is scalable, manageable, integrated, and capable of transforming your organization into a demand-driven powerhouse.

E2open Demand Signal Repository (DSR) drives valuable insights