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The lines are blurring as carriers and logistics service providers (LSPs) of all types extend their portfolios to differentiate and expand their service offerings. E2open has the platform that can get you there—quickly.

Logistics providers of all types can enrich and grow their strategic customer relationships through value-added services ranging from customs compliance management to end-to-end supplier collaboration. As online shopping, globalization and trade complexities increase—along with the need to eliminate functional silos and focus on core business competencies—more and more shippers want expertise and automation from LSPs in areas other than the movement of cargo.

By leveraging E2open’s broad and deep capabilities across channel and supply management—in addition to global trade compliance—LSPs can offer their customers access to the best technology solutions with a decreased investment in time, resources and capital expenditures. As a bonus, tightly integrated collaboration from a common platform leads to improved operational performance and decreased overhead.

E2open’s applications are powered by the world’s largest business network, with a comprehensive logistics community of more than 20,000 carriers, freight forwarders and LSPs. The E2open platform handles more than 45 million container orders annually, representing over 25% of global ocean trade. You and your customers benefit from existing connectivity that delivers data across your supply chain to drive results and profitability.

It’s time to get ahead of the competition with a bold vision for your business. E2open gives LSPs a roadmap for a compelling value proposition that exudes confidence and supports strong customer partnerships.

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