Customer-Driven Forecast Collaboration

Work with your customers to reach an accurate consensus demand plan you can execute with confidence. With E2open’s Forecast Collaboration application, your customers can share forecasts, promotion upsides and other data with you. You can then arrive at a consensus plan and confidently commit to fulfilling demand. Both manufacturers and customers benefit from improved forecasts, better customer service and less inventory.

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Demand sensing and collaboration are integral to advanced supply chain planning and digital transformation

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Streamline the Collaboration Process

E2open provides the power and flexibility to efficiently collaborate across large numbers of customers. Process automation, exception management and performance management analytics are key to accomplishing this at scale.

E2open offers what more manual approaches cannot:

  • Streamlined, efficient forecast collaboration process with automated workflows

  • Proactive issue resolution using alerts for exceptions such as forecast changes and forecast-commit mismatches

  • Dashboards to monitor joint key performance indicators (KPIs) and keep plans on track

  • Data connectivity that supports rapid customer onboarding, pre-built enterprise resource planning (ERP) interfaces and common data exchange standards

  • Secure role-based permissioning to provide appropriate levels of access to data and processes

  • 20 – 40% reduction in stockouts resulting from more accurate forecasts

  • 10 – 20% decrease in excess and obsolete (E&O) inventory

  • 10 – 15% improvement in productivity by avoiding the tedious and error-prone manual reconciliation of spreadsheets and emails

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E2open Forecast Collaboration

Execute demand plans with confidence using a fully scalable approach that sets the stage for more efficient and effective collaboration with customers.

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Get Closer to Your Customers

Improve forecast accuracy by including customers in the planning process. Both sides win when forecasts are more accurate, service is better and inventory is lower.

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