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Feeling overwhelmed by complicated, ever-changing export compliance regulations? Now you can minimize your export risks by using E2open’s Export Management application to automatically screen partners against the most comprehensive database of restricted parties. Verify that your products comply with all country-specific regulations, then efficiently manage your licenses and trade documents and collaborate effortlessly with partners.

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Screen against the Largest Restricted Party List

Shield your company from costly penalties and brand risk by using the world’s most powerful screening tool to check your global trade partners against more than 600 denied-party lists worldwide.

Export with confidence and efficiency:

  • Automatically perform a wide range of compliance checks

  • Accurately classify your products against the latest harmonized system (HS) codes and export control numbers (ECNs)

  • Conduct exhaustive, configurable denied-party screenings against all trading partners

  • Manage licenses, exemptions, end-user statements and trade documents automatically

  • Seamlessly generate audit trails and access complete management reporting tools

  • Collaborate with all parties to your transaction from one place in the cloud

Solution Brief

Automated Cargo Screening

Avoid international trade rule violations and comply with the Know Your Customer (KYC) program rules while saving time, reducing risk and demonstrating due diligence and reasonable care.

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Data Sheet

E2open Export Management

Speed up supply chain efforts and stay updated on current trade regulations by automating critical export management operations.

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White Paper

Six Best Practices for Improving Compliance with a Restricted Party Screening Solution

Screening for sanctioned parties is essential for many compliance programs. Explore six best practices for selecting the right automated system to enhance export compliance.

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Case Study

GEODIS Gains Advanced Trade Compliance and Value-Added Service Capabilities

Discover how GEODIS automated its global trade compliance capabilities, reduced supply chain and logistics risks and positioned itself for the next new wave of growth.

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Streamline Export Management

Export faster with less cost and risk by automating the management of export licenses, trade compliance documents, shipping documents and third-party collaboration.

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Export Management in Chinese

Discover E2open Export Management with information written in the Chinese language. Our translated webpage shows how you can enhance compliance and minimize export risks.

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