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Companies engaged in global trade must keep up with a tremendous number of constantly-changing regulations to establish and maintain trade compliance worldwide. E2open’s Global Knowledge® application is the most accurate and comprehensive database of trade regulations available. Updated daily, it also powers E2open’s suite of intelligent global trade management applications to keep enterprises in compliance with efficiency and agility.

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Global Trade Regulations

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Get a sample of E2open Global Knowledge to discover the largest database of government trade regulations worldwide.

Rely on the World’s Most Accurate Trade Database

E2open’s dedicated trade specialists monitor the latest regulations from more than 220 countries, territories and islands and provide daily global trade content updates using an ISO-certified quality process for unmatched accuracy and timeliness.

Make compliance easy with accurate content:

  • Provides comprehensive trade regulation coverage for roughly 98% of world trade

  • Guards against fines, penalties and sanctions violations by demonstrating proof of compliance

  • Properly classifies products for multiple countries, accounting for varying product definitions

  • Helps reduce overall product costs by providing proactive updates regarding current duties, taxes and fees

  • Enables you to avoid transactions with banned entities and trading partners

  • Integrates easily with other applications to ensure compliance across operations

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E2open Global Knowledge

Discover how you can export and import goods more efficiently with fast access to the largest database of government regulations and international business rules.

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Knowledge Is Power

Establish and maintain compliance, reduce trade risks and automate processes by accessing the world’s most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date trade content database.

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Global Knowledge in Chinese

Discover E2open Global Knowledge by reading about its advantages in Chinese. Use the world’s most accurate trade content database to maximize China trade opportunities.

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Global Knowledge

了解更多E2open Global Knowledge数据库,使用世界上最准确的贸易内容助力您的中国业务增长。


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