Import Management

Delays at the border due to incomplete customs declarations or incorrect shipping documents are a costly headache. Now you can automate all your manual, time-consuming import processes with E2open’s Import Management application. Seamlessly gather all required data for your inbound shipments in one place in the cloud, validate the data against the world’s most complete regulatory content and collaborate with trading partners in real time.

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Faster Clearance, More Efficient Compliance

With E2open, you can clear any border faster, every time. Gain deep visibility into your import flows, manage the seamless information exchange between partners and use automated checks to ensure regulatory compliance.

Benefit from best-practice import processes:

  • Gain complete visibility into all stages of importing

  • Automate time-consuming and error-prone data entry

  • Collaborate seamlessly with supply chain partners

  • Ensure adherence to import compliance regulations

  • Reduce inbound cycle times and clearance costs

  • Improve regulatory data accuracy and reduce manual checks

  • Gain full cost transparency by calculating the complete spectrum of landed cost components with one click

  • Confidently self-file by integrating with E2open’s Customs Filing application

Data Sheet

E2open Import Management

Clear customs borders quickly and collaborate easily with supply chain partners by automating critical import management operations.

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Solution Brief

Product Classification Simplified and Automated

Quickly and reliably classify products, reduce the cost of goods, mitigate trade compliance risks and improve time-to-market aided by artificial intelligence (AI).

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Proactively Manage Imports

Import compliance is complex. Now you can automate the process to gain full visibility into imports, clear customs faster and reduce the cost of staying compliant.

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Import Management in Chinese

Discover E2open Import Management with information written in the Chinese language. Our translated webpage shows how you can automate critical import operations.

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