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Purchase Order Collaboration

Direct materials procurement is usually one of the more inefficient and labor-intensive supply chain processes, involving numerous exchanges with multiple suppliers. E2open’s Purchase Order Collaboration application automates and streamlines end-to-end order management with your suppliers. The result is increased productivity, reduced transactional costs and improvements in supplier on-time deliveries.

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Collaborative Order and Fulfillment Processes

Collaboration and the resulting visibility build trust between parties. Confidence in promised delivery dates enables brand owners to reduce safety stock. Suppliers lower their process costs and receive payments faster.

Strategic capabilities streamline procurement:

  • Automated handling of materials requirements planning (MRP) recommendations and purchase order changes, including expedites, de-expedites and cancellations

  • Collaborative management of discrete orders, blanket orders, blanket releases, scheduling agreements, shipments, receipts and invoices with automated matching to ensure accuracy

  • Centralized governance of the entire purchase order process—including shipping instructions—for all suppliers

  • Flexible order management workflows that improve your ability to adapt to changes in business dynamics

  • Largest direct materials procurement network with extensive supplier onboarding capabilities

  • 20-30% increase in productivity from the elimination of manual, error-prone order management processes

  • 10-20% improvement in supplier on-time deliveries due to better communication throughout the order lifecycle

  • Increased buyer productivity as a result of automating and standardizing procure-to-pay processes

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E2open Purchase Order Collaboration

Automate and streamline your purchase order management process and improve collaboration with suppliers.

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Transform Your Procurement Process

Streamline activities across your entire procure-to-pay lifecycle to boost productivity, reduce procurement costs and create shared value with suppliers.

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