Rapid deployment TMS offers cost-effective visibility and operational efficiency

AUSTIN, Texas, February 12, 2019 – Cloud Logistics by E2open (Cloud Logistics), a leading innovator and provider of modern, easy-to-use transportation management systems (TMS), is pleased to announce the addition of Prestage Foods as the newest customer to join its global TMS platform. Prestage Foods, a privately held producer of pork and poultry products, recently selected the Cloud Logistics TMS to manage transportation for its fast-growing business.

“We are opening a new $340 million pork processing facility and need a transportation management system to help us manage the logistics operations,” said Crystal Hill, director of supply chain and logistics at Prestage Foods. “We’re opening our new facility in less than a month, so we needed a TMS that we could deploy quickly. The system had to be easy to use so our carriers and our poultry logistics team could adopt it without much training. We work with dozens of carriers and add more all the time so having a TMS that carriers love to use is a key differentiator for Cloud Logistics. Finally, we required a TMS that will grow and scale with us as our needs change. We will start with a few truckloads per day but will grow to over 50 a day within the first year and double to over 100 trucks a day when a second shift is added. Whether it’s managing a few truckloads a day from one shipping location or hundreds across multiple locations, the Cloud Logistics TMS is a great fit that will support our business today and into the future at a great price point.”

Cloud Logistics is revolutionizing transportation management by combining the best of mobile and social technology to offer a fast, easy and affordable TMS solution. Prestage Foods will leverage Cloud Logistics to simplify carrier selection, automate load tendering, streamline communications, track shipments, handle payments and invoice auditing, and provide detailed reporting. The company anticipates increasing daily shipments from its new location by approximately 1,000% in its first nine months, and then doubling that volume again in the following year.

“For the senior leadership team, the most compelling reason to partner with Cloud Logistics was to improve operational efficiencies and visibility,” said Jere Null, chief operating officer at Prestage Foods. “This is a business that requires accuracy, timeliness, and cost effectiveness, in order to scale rapidly. Prestage Foods is growing fast, and Cloud Logistics will enable us to handle significant volume growth without adding additional headcount to the pork logistics team. We are also excited about the advanced reporting capabilities that will give us greater control of our operations.”

Mark Nix, senior vice president, transportation management and founder of Cloud Logistics, added, “We are proud to have been selected by Prestage Foods as they embark on a new wave of corporate growth. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest level of satisfaction for our TMS customers and look forward to partnering with Prestage Foods as we grow together in the future. “

About Prestage Farms

The Prestage Farms family of companies is a trusted supplier of quality turkey and pork. Founded in 1983 by Bill and Marsha Prestage, our family includes two different protein processing divisions: Prestage Foods of Iowa, the world’s most advanced pork processing facility now in its final stages of construction, as well as our established turkey processing operation, Prestage Foods of North Carolina. Mr. and Mrs. Prestage, along with their three sons, still own and actively operate this multifaceted business. Today, Prestage Farms, along with its affiliates, is one of the leading producers of quality pork and turkey that employs more than 2,000 people company-wide, contracts with more than 450 farm families in seven states and produces more than 1.3 billion pounds of meat annually. Prestage Farms, Inc. is headquartered in Clinton, North Carolina, and has operations in Iowa, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and Oklahoma.

About Cloud Logistics by E2open

Cloud Logistics by E2open (Cloud Logistics) provides innovative and easy-to-use technology that powers transportation logistics solutions for the global supply chain market. Cloud Logistics’ TMS offers a modern, intuitive user experience to simplify carrier selection, load tendering, communication and payment while increasing visibility and offering real-time reporting. The cloud-based tool is easy to implement and offers a rapid-deployment TMS that can go live in as little as one day. Cloud Logistics makes the complexities of order collaboration, communication and international transportation management simple and beneficial for companies of any size. The TMS includes a unique user experience, customizable alerts, social technology for business and a mobile application designed specifically for carriers. For more information about Cloud Logistics, please visit www.gocloudlogistics.com.

About E2open

At E2open, we are creating a more connected, intelligent supply chain. One that starts with the ability to sense and respond to real-time demand and supply constraints. One that brings together data from customers, channels, suppliers, contract manufacturers and partners. One that enables companies to use data in real time, with cognitive artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive smarter decisions. One that delivers all this complex information through a single pane of glass that provides a clear view across the supply and demand ecosystem. E2open is changing everything. Demand. Supply. Delivered. www.e2open.com.

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