Say Goodbye to Manual Workflows with Purchase Order Collaboration

Imagine trying to drive an old truck with worn-out tires down a muddy backcountry road. It’s slow-going, you get stuck several times, and the entire trip you keep thinking that there has to be something better out there. Using spreadsheets, emails and other labor-intensive manual processes to muddle through your purchase order management is no different. It’s time-consuming, inefficient and outdated.

Eventually, your old truck gets stuck for good. You sit waiting with your feet dangling off the back of the truck bed, when a neighbor with a new, half brown pickup truck easily passes through the pitted and sopping wet back roads – you jump in.

New technology can help pull you out of a productivity rut. E2open’s Purchase Order Collaboration application can be implemented to help with keeping track of each purchase order, no matter what kind of technology you are currently using. It’s as easy as jumping into the new truck! The new application:

  • Reduces cost and increases productivity
  • Improves delivery times though automation and collaboration
  • Reduces the number of supplier errors from last-minute purchase order changes
  • Greater visibility into order gaps
  • Standardizes supplier communication with brand owners

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About the Author:

Clarissa is a Marketing Specialist at E2open. She joined the E2open team in 2019 with the acquisition of Amber Road. Clarissa is responsible for managing the content process within the Corporate Marketing team, supporting the Global Trade Academy, developing E2open newsletters and assisting with internal graphic design needs. Clarissa graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Sustainable Development.
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