Supplier Collaboration is Key Stay Out of The Turbulent Waters of Global Trade

Unpredictability is rearing its ugly head more and more these days. The best reaction companies can have to navigate these turbulent waters is to have the ability to foresee what’s coming down the road and have the time to move out of the way before it’s too late. Instant knowledge and the ability to make quick decisions is essential to weather volatility in the market.

A clear view along the entire pipeline allows for the highest levels of visibility and supplier collaboration and is what businesses need in order to remain quick on their feet. Today’s technology is advanced enough to allow for this kind of clarity and communication through each phase of the supply chain, offering greater efficiencies, consistent standards and cost savings along the way.

In this final video of the three-part video series with Sourcing Journal, Gary Barraco covers supplier collaboration and orchestration, answering questions such as:

  • How can you mitigate the many unforeseen issues threatening supply chains?
  • How does safety stock or platforming materials create problems for retailers?
  • How can you increase the visibility in your supply chain so that customers receive goods in time?
  • How can retailers save money by collaborating with supply chain partners?

Want to learn more? The E2open Supply Management Intelligent Application provides companies with an easy way to manage their direct sourcing and procurement throughout all tiers of supply, lowering costs, reducing supply risks and improving agility.

Don’t forget to watch the video to learn why companies need a ‘glass pipeline’ to facilitate inventory efficiency.

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