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Equipment Management

Managing the flow of containers — empty or full — is crucial for ocean carriers, trucking companies and shipper...
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Collaborative Channel Planning

Creating comprehensive activity plans is rarely a partner’s core competency. A lack of appropriate software tools...
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Channel Marketing Automation

Channel marketing can transform revenue for brand owners and channel partners alike, but partners rarely have the t...
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Channel Inventory Collaboration

Gain control of inventory in your supply network to address shortages and excesses proactively across every supply ...
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Buy-Sell Management

Brand owners have a hard time controlling and seeing the cost of goods when outsourcing production. E2open’s Buy-...
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Audit and Settlement

Transportation contributes to around 15% of the cost of goods sold and the customer demand for faster service with ...
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Demand Planning

Supply chain management begins with demand planning, and getting demand right is essential for maximizing service a...
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Allocation and Order Promising

Commit with confidence, honor prior commitments and prioritize key demands. E2open’s Allocation and Order Pro...
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Distribution Planning

Determining where and how finished goods and components can be effectively distributed across your supply chain is ...
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Global Parcel

Shippers invest extensive resources in managing the complexities of carrier compliance, including creating accurate...
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Supply Forecast Collaboration

Fluctuating demand requires that you carefully manage components, ingredients and subassemblies that are often only...
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Transportation Forecasting

Gain visibility into your capacity needs with e2open’s Transportation Forecasting application. Shift from operati...
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Channel Data Management

Reach new levels of channel performance with accurate and timely decision-grade data that reflects current channel ...
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