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QSC Audio is Turning Up the Volume with e2open

A leading audio, video and control supplier, QSC needed a planning solution that could keep up with the company’s rapid growth. In this video, Karon Evanoff, VP of Supply Chain […]

RHSC Collaborates with its Partners to Deliver Critical Value

The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) is a partnership of public, private and non-governmental organizations dedicated to ensuring that families in developing countries have access to affordable, quality ...

Control Tower Capabilities Redefined

The level of agility required to capture growth opportunities—plus the resiliency needed to manage today’s risks—demands a new way of thinking. e2open’s control tower capabilities bring together the data, app...

Reducing Costs, Emissions and Empty Miles with e2open Equipment Management

Shipping containers are a substantial investment, but managing them isn’t complicated or costly when using the right container management solution. In this video, e2open’s Gary Barraco, an Assistant Vice Presiden...

High Liner Foods Reels In Their Logistics With e2open

High Liner Foods Director of Transportation, Brian Novello, discusses how e2open helped uplevel their logistics capability with greater visibility and strategic carrier planning. Importing seafood from all over the w...

Beaver Street Fisheries Manages a Collaborative Supply Chain Network With e2open

Beaver Street Fisheries, a major global seafood distribution company, was experiencing pressure from the constraints of the modern supply chain, while also dealing with increased customer demand. Beaver Street Fisher...

Discover the Connected Supply Chain

A disconnected supply chain and the resulting inefficiencies primarily occur due to divisions across enterprise boundaries and partners as well as separate functional areas of a company. e2open presents the […...

Check Greenhouse Gas Emissions before Booking Freight

Transportation touches every stage of production, distribution, and returns, accounting for a surprisingly large portion of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In this video, we demonstrate how you can now […]

The Power of the Network for Holistic Planning

Supply chain planning that is siloed from other internal functions, sales channels, trading partners and outsourcin...

The Power of the Network for Indirect Channels

Traditional indirect sales channels are rapidly evolving into ecosystems of interdependent partners that work together to fully meet customer needs instead of delivering piecemeal solutions. A single platform that en...

Getting Connected: Jaguar Land Rover’s Journey to Outside-In

As presented at the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo™ 2021, Jaguar Land Rover is rethinking its supply chain management processes by transitioning from a functionally organized, sequential inside-out mindset to a...

The Power of the Network for Transportation and Logistics

Reliable transportation planning and execution involves forecasting your capacity needs, securing the best rates, viewing detailed shipment milestones and making all the right moves. Achieving operational efficiency ...

The Power of the Network for Global Trade Compliance

Trade compliance has always been complex. Interpreting laws to determine admissibility, identifying potential cost savings and ensuring adherence to regulations requires knowledge and proficiency. One of the most imp...

The Power of the Network for Direct Procurement

Traditionally, direct procurement teams had one goal: acquire materials to manufacture finished goods at the optimal cost. However, manufacturing has grown more complex, often with hundreds of suppliers and sites [&h...

MSC Pioneers Digital Transformation across the Cargo Industry with e2open

A leading global container shipping and logistics company, MSC operates 570 ships across 155 countries, moving cargo around the world. This pioneer of digital transformation recognizes the need for common […]
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