Building a house requires an accurate blueprint and a solid foundation. Measurements that are just the slightest bit off in the blueprint can negatively impact the structural integrity of the home. The same concept can be applied when coming up with a solid framework for marketing campaigns that address everything, even the needs of channel partners.

However, for many companies, the part of the blueprint that considers content for channel partners is often non-existent or built on as an afterthought. Such a mistake would be catastrophic in building a home. It would be like forgetting to add the windows. Your partners are your windows to the outside world, adding reach and sunlight to your campaigns.

Following a standard Bill of Materials (BOM) blueprint for every new marketing campaign, sets the foundation and ensures that the needs of your channel partners are always addressed, and never forgotten. E2open’s eBook, What’s in a Channel Marketing Bill of Materials, is structured to provide you with a standard BOM that is focused on channel partner materials and covers specific requirements that need to be met along the entire stretch of the buyer’s journey. This resource touches on several key topics:

  • • How to set up your content with the right voice, look and feel
  • • What should be in your campaign brief
  • • Suggestions for content for each portion of the buyer’s journey
  • • What a non-standard BOM might look like
  • • What KPI’s you should be tracking

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