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Food supply chain players are getting a taste for diversification

January 23, 2024 | The Loadstar
The Loadstar speaks with Pawan Joshi, SVP of Products and St...
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The Gift of Demand Sensing

Demand sensing is not new. E2open pioneered demand sensing with embedded AI two decades ago. While many of the top ...
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Sailing into Efficiency with Electronic Bills of Lading

Key advantages of digital bills of lading Discover the transformative and sustainable future of global trade compli...

E2open Charitable Giving Campaign: Water For People

As part of our mission to improve the world around us, e2open participates in corporate-wide charitable giving camp...
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Red Sea war insurance rises with more ships in firing line

January 16, 2024 | Reuters
Attacks on shipments in the Red Sea are driving up war risk insura...
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After the rush: The complex dynamics of post-holiday electronics sales

January 12, 2024 | Supply Chain Quarterly
Discover how electronics brands, manufacturers and...

Moving Chemicals – Ride the Rails or Hit the Road?

The petrochemical industry is highly regulated and has an extreme focus on safety. Having a trusted partner with ex...

Employee Spotlight: Emily Routh

E2open is powered by a strong global network of problem solvers and innovators driven by strong values and our comp...
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US Trucking Faces Downstream Effects From Suez Canal Attacks

January 9, 2024 | Transport Topics
Container vessels are getting attacked along the narrowest...
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Tapping into the Critical Role Data Plays in AI​ in Supply Chain ​

A buyer’s guide that goes beyond the AI hype in supply chain The marketing hype around artificial intelligence (A...
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How Supply Chain Decisions are Optimized with AI

Five real-world use cases on the transformative impact of AI on supply chains Artificial intelligence (AI) is an ev...
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The Solution To The $1.5 Trillion Social Cost Of Carbon At The Heart Of The Logistics Sector

January 5, 2024 | The Logistics Sector
The focus on the social cost of carbon is growing. Hea...

Global Trade Trends: A Year in Review and a Look Ahead

As the new year rolls in, it is a perfect time to reflect on the trends that shaped the global trade landscape duri...
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E2open: Is nearshoring the future of procurement?

January 3, 2024 | Procurement Magazine
Procurement Magazine speaks with e2open’s Pawan Josh...

Streamlined Supplier Collaboration: Vertiv’s Key for Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Bhavik Rao, CIO Americas at Vertiv, explains how the right technology platform and the expertise of the teams behin...
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