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Optimize your plans for the flow of finished goods from manufacturing sites to distribution centers to customers. E2open’s Distribution Planning application enables companies to profitably fulfill customer demand using efficient replenishment plans for each location across the entire distribution network. This saves time and effort while ensuring continuous availability at the lowest possible cost.

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Learn Why Gartner Named E2open a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning Solutions 2021

Advanced distribution planning from E2open is part of next-generation supply chain planning.

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Integrated Upstream and Downstream Planning

Get the most out of your network with E2open’s integrated approach to upstream supply planning and downstream transport load planning. Optimized planning increases your efficiencies and satisfies customers.

Comprehensive capabilities put you in control:

  • Ability to factor in inventory target policies, sourcing decisions and alternate modes of transport

  • Respect for constraints such as warehouse storage, loading and handling capacities, facility calendars, lead times, lot sizes and product shelf life

  • Powerful demand allocation engine that assigns scarce supply using rules such as fair share, priority, quota and target stock to ensure that the most profitable demand is fulfilled

  • Automation of transport load planning, taking into account packaging options and preferred transport types by lane

  • What-if scenario simulations to quickly evaluate the impact of changes

  • Best possible service to the highest priority customers, channels and geographies in the most efficient way

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Orchestrate product flow from start to finish. Make your distribution network operate at the lowest possible cost while maximizing customer satisfaction.

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