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Improve the Bottom Line

Saving money on customs duties is a great way to improve profit margins in the long term. Many businesses don’t take full advantage of duty savings programs because managing them is time-consuming and complex. E2open’s Duty Management application makes it simple to automatically qualify for a wide range of duty savings programs and administer them start-to-finish so you can reduce product costs and improve margins.

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Unlock 100-Plus Preferential Trade Agreements

Identify all applicable preferential trade agreements, automate your qualifications, seamlessly solicit suppliers for the declarations you need and manage all your documentation with ease.

Realize duty savings and cut through complexity:

  • Reduce duties, fees, and taxes with free trade agreements

  • Suspend duty obligations with the European Union (EU) customs warehousing procedure

  • Simplify administration of the U.S. foreign-trade zone program

  • Efficiently recover overpayments through the U.S. duty drawback program

  • Assign skilled personnel to more critical activities

  • Improve on-time delivery performance by automating manual tasks involved in running duty savings programs

Improve Margins and Ensure Compliance

Don’t leave money on the table. Use automation and the world’s most current and most
accurate trade compliance database to reduce your duty costs.

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