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Automated Trade Agreements

As an importer, you can dramatically reduce your costs with trade agreements—but they are notoriously challenging to manage. You must know which agreements apply, prove the origins of imported goods and provide ongoing documentation. E2open’s Trade Agreements application identifies every applicable trade agreement, automatically qualifies your goods, helps you solicit suppliers for declarations and makes documentation management easy.

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Access 150-Plus Trade Agreements

Successfully qualify your goods for over 150 trade agreements worldwide. Demonstrate compliance with complex rules of origin and reduce the risk of errors with a comprehensive bill of materials (BOM) analysis.

Easily manage trade agreements end-to-end:

  • Reduce product costs and improve margins by taking advantage of preferential duties

  • Minimize labor hours and the risk of manual data entry errors

  • Automatically analyze BOMs against the relevant rules of origin across all applicable trade agreements

  • Automate and centralize the process of securing proofs of origin from suppliers

  • Manage numerous certificates of origin along with their revisions and renewals

  • Free up skilled personnel to perform more strategic activities

Simplify, Save and Safeguard Compliance

Choose from more than 150 trade agreements and streamline processing to dramatically simplify trade agreement management, reduce product costs and ensure compliance.

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