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Maximize Your Purchasing Power

Poor visibility into total component spend—accompanied by a loss of control—is an expected but undesirable side effect of shifting to an outsourced manufacturing strategy. E2open’s Buy-Sell Management application re-establishes your procurement efficiencies by centralizing purchasing on the behalf of all trading partners. This results in lower materials costs and savings from economies of scale that drop directly to the bottom line.

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Increase Profitability by Aggregating Spend

Harness your full purchasing power to avoid markups that come from splitting spend across buying entities acting independently on your behalf. Preferred customer status gives you better service and supply assurance.

Aggregate all parties’ spend for cost efficiency:

  • Centralized purchase order management for all tiers of internal production, outsourced manufacturing and raw material suppliers

  • Drop-ship ordering processes that ensure efficient fulfillment

  • Price masking to protect confidential financial information from being disclosed

  • Flexible support for all procurement methods, including discrete orders, blanket orders and scheduling agreements

  • 3-7% reduction in purchasing costs for strategic materials to drive profitability or offer more competitive pricing of finished goods

  • Increased supply assurance and improved service as a result of pooling orders under a single high-profile buying entity

Capture Economies of Scale

Eliminate markups by procuring common components on the behalf of suppliers. Maintain control of your full purchasing power to get the best volume discounts.

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