Drop Ship Inventory Management

Outsourced manufacturing often involves longer lead times that result in late orders and dissatisfied customers. E2open’s Drop-Ship Management application dramatically reduces lead times by enabling you to coordinate and manage multi-tier purchase orders and orchestrating the direct delivery of products to customers. The resulting transformation of your order fulfillment processes improves supply chain efficiency and delights customers.

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Manage Multi-Tier Order Fulfillment

Contain costs and ship faster. E2open streamlines the direct fulfillment process across consumers, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers in a multi-tier environment using collaborative workflows.

Drop-shipping multiplies your efficiencies:

  • Conversion of consumer orders at retailer locations into purchase orders for suppliers

  • Ability to enable suppliers to manage purchase orders and fulfill customer requests directly

  • Drop-ship order tracking from manufacturing to fulfillment

  • Identification of exceptions, mismatches and errors with workflow triggers for resolution

  • Support for buy-sell management workflows that centralize purchasing by enabling direct shipping to tier suppliers

  • Shorter transportation lead times due to direct shipments

  • Reduced supply chain landed costs resulting from better visibility

  • Flexible transportation options that enable you to respond rapidly to market needs

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E2open Drop-Ship Management

Learn how you can orchestrate the direct delivery of products from manufacturing sites to customers, dramatically cut lead times, keep costs low and safeguard customer service.

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Reduce Lead Times and Costs

Eliminate wasteful and redundant fulfillment steps and thrill customers by empowering suppliers to ship directly to consumers through multi-tier order orchestration.

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