KNOXVILLE, TN AND WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Konexial, makers of the all-inclusive My20 electronic logging device (ELD) app for truck drivers, and global logistics transportation management system (TMS) innovator Cloud Logistics announce a partnership to revolutionize the trucking industry with their GoLoad service. Launching in July 2017, GoLoad directly connects drivers to some of the world’s best shippers creating immediate value for both parties. GoLoad is the first and only service of its kind in the market, connecting the power of a networked transportation solution to drivers’ smartphones and helping bring any shipper’s TMS into the network.

No other ELD product offers drivers dynamic, real-time, load-matching opportunities right to a driver’s mobile device. GoLoad eliminates the largest source of waste for fleets: empty miles. Drivers will now spend less time searching for loads and can spend more time serving customers. At the same time, shippers will get direct access to quality carriers with whom they have never had the opportunity to work. Most importantly, transactions are completely transparent with visibility of fees to all parties.

“We are excited about our partnership with Cloud Logistics and the release of our patent pending GoLoad service,” said Konexial founder and CEO Ken Evans. “With the addition of GoLoad to the My20 App, we are empowering drivers and shippers to improve their bottom lines with greater access to market demand and capacity. Cloud Logistics developed the most user-friendly TMS software on the planet, and they have joined with us to develop a truly revolutionary product.”

Mark Nix, founder and CEO of Cloud Logistics, added, “Working with the passionate innovators at Konexial is a great opportunity for us. By bringing together groundbreaking mobile and cloud technologies, we can make the old adage of ‘one plus one equals three’ a reality for shippers and carriers.”

Eric Johnson, Research Director at American Shipper said, “There is no shortage of load-matching options in the trucking industry, but what Konexial and Cloud Logistics are doing is definitely an innovative approach to maximizing capacity usage.” Johnson, who has studied the market intently, added, “Most of the load-matching solutions don’t really marry the supply side so directly with the demand side from a geographical and predictive perspective. This partnership is intriguing because it really takes into account the way small trucking operations need to receive information about available loads. Without that aspect, those smaller carriers are likely to reject available loads even if it helps fill their backhaul.”

The first release of GoLoad will be available to the marketplace summer 2017. Information on the My20 mobile app and the GoLoad service can be found at Information on Cloud Logistics groundbreaking TMS can be found at

About Konexial

Konexial is a mobile cloud ecosystem for the trucking industry with locations in Arkansas, Kansas, and Tennessee. The company’s mission is to enable the trucking industry to eliminate waste through technology and transparency. Konexial’s My20 App, electronic logging device (ELD), and GoLoad service harness the power of cloud computing to enable the market’s first and only real-time, dynamic load matching. Konexial – Powering America’s Drivers.

About Cloud Logistics

Cloud Logistics provides the newest generation of transportation logistics solutions for the global supply chain market. Our solutions make the complexities of order collaboration, communication and international transportation management simple and beneficial for companies of any size. The offering includes a patent pending configurable workflow architecture, a unique user experience, customizable alerts, dynamic dashboard widgets, and ad-hoc reporting all delivered in a cloud-based network. Social technology for business allows each person involved with an order or shipment the ability to attach documents, claims photos, and Proof Of Delivery (POD) signatures within a private secure community.