Companies in the dark with indirect sales data

Under huge pressure to compete in a crowded marketplace, the challenge for consumer electronic companies is to develop leading-edge products that appeal to increasingly discerning customers. It is also to effectively dovetail communications with partners in order to drive footfall into retail…

Get More by Sharing

Establishing best practices and agreeing on a common reporting vocabulary not only increases data accuracy, but it can also aid operational efficiencies.  Yet, according to research, many consumer electronics organisations would say there is in fact an urgent need for system improvements.  For…

E2open Acquires Zyme, Increases Downstream Supply Chain Visibility

As part of E2open, Zyme’s demand-shaping and generation capabilities could now fuel a wide range of SCM algorithms to optimize planning and execution across the entire value chain. This combination offers full visibility—from consumer demand to components supply and all steps in between—and the…

Data Drives Business Success

Consumer electronics companies are under huge pressure to compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace. The challenge is not only to reach ever more discerning customers and drive footfall into retail stores, but also in meeting customer expectations relating to the brand experience. And all…

With Zyme, E2open Strengthens Its Downstream Visibility

After the acquisitions of Terra Technology, Orchestro and Steelwedge, E2open continues to expand the functionality of its end-to-end visibility platform through the acquisition of Zyme, a provider of a Channel Data Management (CDM) platform. Zyme provides different analytics engines to sort and…


Leaders Forum
London, UK — -

SCM World Leaders Forum

Supply chain management in 2018 has come of age. It is no longer enough to assure supply and cut costs. CEOs now demand more. Today’s supply chain…

SCI Summit
Philadelphia, PA — -

Supply Chain Insights Global Summit

An event designed to help supply chain business leaders imagine the future, the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit is a unique opportunity to…

Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference Europe
London, UK — -

Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference Europe

Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference is the world’s most important gathering of supply chain leaders. Disruptions large and small confront…

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