Nucleus Thumbnail - E2open Drives Supply Chain Resilience with In-Transit Visibility

This Nucleus Research Brief provides insight into E2open’s In-Transit Visibility application and the benefits for organizations moving goods globally.

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Companies are making essential changes to build more resilient supply chains, knowing that the next big crisis is likely to throw a wrench in the gears.

Now more than ever, an essential investment is in-transit visibility – the ability to leverage technology to gain greater insight into disruptive, late or off-schedule shipments and how deviations from the plan impact the end-to-end processes. Better yet, E2open now provides in-transit visibility free of charge to all clients.

Following the launch of E2open’s In-Transit Visibility application this summer, Research Analyst Isaac Gould with Nucleus Research published a quick-read that reveals the highlights you need to know.

You will learn about the:

  • Features and benefits of the In-Transit Visibility application

  • Value clients receive when supply chains are under stress

  • Key reasons why In-Transit Visibility is a foundational control tower capability

  • Cross-functional, cross-enterprise model E2open has established to democratize visibility by offering it at no charge to all clients

Want to learn more? Ask us how E2open’s In-Transit Visibility application can help improve real-time visibility and the ability to easily locate your goods in transit across all modes and regions.