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Data Sheets

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E2open Transportation Management Data Sheet

With shipping making up about 15% of the entire product cost, transportation management is an important element to the bottom line. It is a careful dance of strategy to coordinate with all [...]

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E2open Shipment Bookings and Instructions Data Sheet

When shipping goods globally, companies usually need to use multiple carriers, which means submitting booking requests and shipment instructions across various platforms—and often using emails or phone calls as well. This complicated [...]

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E2open Rates and Schedules Management Data Sheet

Consumers today expect fast and cost-friendly shipment of the products they buy. But to meet these high demands, shippers often use multiple modes of transportation and legs, which normally involve multiple parties and [...]

  • E2open Import Management Data Sheet

E2open Import Management Data Sheet

Inaccurate paperwork, poor coordination and non-compliance with import rules cost importers millions of dollars every year. E2open’s Import Management application automates all the necessary import operations, collecting all information on one platform, [...]

  • E2open Export Management Data Sheet

E2open Export Management Data Sheet

Staying up to date on trade regulations in foreign markets can get overwhelming. With E2open’s Export Management application, not only does it keep you updated on all regulations, but it also helps [...]

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E2open Buy-Sell Management Data Sheet

Brand owners have a hard time controlling and seeing the cost of goods when outsourcing production. E2open’s Buy-Sell Management application gives you visibility to secure better prices and terms and improve margins to ensure [...]

  • E2open Forecast Collaboration Data Sheet

E2open Forecast Collaboration Data Sheet

Fluctuating demand requires that you carefully manage components, ingredients and subassemblies that are often only available in limited quantities. E2open’s Forecast Collaboration application gives you visibility into supply chain limitations for planned [...]

  • E2open Inventory Collaboration Data Sheet

E2open Inventory Collaboration Data Sheet

Gain control of inventory in your supply network to address shortages and excesses proactively across every supply chain tier before imbalances escalate into widespread disruptions. With E2open’s Inventory Collaboration application, you can [...]

  • E2open Purchase Order Collaboration Data Sheet

E2open Purchase Order Collaboration Data Sheet

Global manufacturers often buy from many different suppliers, so keeping track of the progress of each purchase order (PO) that comes through for direct materials components can be extremely challenging for procurement [...]

  • E2open Manufacturing Quality and Traceability Data Sheet

E2open Manufacturing Quality and Traceability Data Sheet

Improve quality control, safeguard brand equity, ensure compliance and limit liability exposure by quickly identifying the root cause of quality issues and enabling effective, well-targeted recalls. E2open’s Manufacturing Quality and Traceability application enables you to [...]

  • E2open Transportation Forecasting Data Sheet

E2open Transportation Forecasting Data Sheet

Gain visibility into your capacity needs with E2open's Transportation Forecasting application. Shift from operating in a reactive mode to proactively reducing costs, improving service levels and strengthening your relationships with carriers. Productivity increases [...]

  • Demand Signal Management Data Sheet

Demand Signal Management Data Sheet

Respond to market forces faster and drive profitable actions in stores and online. E2open’s Demand Signal Management application enables you to capture, harmonize and analyze demand and execution data from all retailers quickly and automatically. Download [...]

  • E2open Partner Marketing Incentives Data Sheet

Partner Marketing Incentives Data Sheet

Optimized channel marketing performance, lower administration costs and reduced financial risk are natural outcomes when you use E2open’s Partner Marketing Incentives application to manage a broad range of marketing development funds (MDF) programs across all [...]

  • E2open Multi-Echelon Inventory Management Data Sheet

E2open Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization Data Sheet

By determining the most accurate stocking targets at every node in the extended supply chain, companies can provide more reliable customer service while minimizing inventory levels. This results in efficiency improvements, reduced working capital and [...]

  • E2open Partner Performance Incentives

Partner Performance Incentives Data Sheet

Maximize the impact of your channel rebate programs. E2open reduces overpayment risks for even the most complex scenarios and helps you secure partner loyalty with the right payments to the right parties at the right [...]

  • E2open Demand Sensing Application Data Sheet

E2open Demand Sensing Data Sheet

Receive the best forecast for execution time horizons and improve short-term forecast accuracy by 30 to 40%. A real-time response to real-time demand enables an agile and demand-driven supply chain that is always aligned with [...]

  • E2open Channel Data Management Data Sheet

Data to Fuel Channel Data Management

Reach new levels of channel performance with accurate and timely decision-grade data that reflects current channel activity from every tier of distribution. The largest demand network in the industry helps accelerate onboarding and connects all [...]

  • E2open Manufacturing Instructions

E2open Manufacturing Instructions Data Sheet

Product ramp-ups and change orders can be completed more rapidly and efficiently by streamlining the management of manufacturing, test and quality instructions between multiple parties. Centralized management and effective communication enable an accurate, seamless transition [...]

  • Manufacturing Visibility Data Sheet

E2open Manufacturing Visibility Data Sheet

As business complexities multiply and timelines shrink, today’s global manufacturers require increasing levels of visibility and control. E2open’s Manufacturing Visibility application removes blind spots in the global supply chain that can impact brand owners’ profitability. [...]

  • E2open Demand Planning

E2open Demand Planning Data Sheet

Supply chain management begins with demand planning, and getting demand right is essential for maximizing service and revenue while minimizing costs. Using automation and machine learning algorithms, E2open’s Demand Planning application creates the most accurate [...]

  • E2open Sales and Operations Planning

E2open Sales and Operations Planning Data Sheet

Organizations confidently balance demand and supply with financial goals by aligning internal and even external stakeholders using E2open’s Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) application. Powerful what-if simulations reveal the financial and service impacts of tradeoff [...]

  • E2open Allocation and Order Promising

E2open Allocation and Order Promising Data Sheet

Commit with confidence, honor prior commitments and prioritize key demands. E2open's Allocation and Order Promising application generates reliable promise dates that reflect the latest materials availability and capacity information from internal sources and trading partners. [...]

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