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  • The Power of the Network for Holistic Planning

The Power of the Network for Holistic Planning

Supply chain planning that is siloed from other internal functions, sales channels, trading partners and outsourcing won’t effectively solve the problems presented by modern supply chain complexities. With E2open’s extensive cloud-based business network, a single [...]

  • Power of the Network for Indirect Channels

The Power of the Network for Indirect Channels

Traditional indirect sales channels are rapidly evolving into ecosystems of interdependent partners that work together to fully meet customer needs instead of delivering piecemeal solutions. A single platform that enables you to instantly connect [...]

  • The Power of the Network for Transportation and Logistics

The Power of the Network for Transportation and Logistics

Reliable transportation planning and execution involves forecasting your capacity needs, securing the best rates, viewing detailed shipment milestones and making all the right moves. Achieving operational efficiency in transportation and logistics means synthesizing data [...]

  • The Power of the Network for Direct Procurement

The Power of the Network for Direct Procurement

Traditionally, direct procurement teams had one goal: acquire materials to manufacture finished goods at the optimal cost. However, manufacturing has grown more complex, often with hundreds of suppliers and sites involved. Lead times are [...]

  • The Power of the Network for Global Trade Compliance

The Power of the Network for Global Trade Compliance

Trade compliance has always been complex. Interpreting laws to determine admissibility, identifying potential cost savings and ensuring adherence to regulations requires knowledge and proficiency. One of the most important factors for trade compliance is [...]

  • The Power of the Network

The Power of the Network

More and more, companies are outsourcing areas of their businesses to help reduce costs and gain economies of scale. For all its benefits, an outsourced business model greatly reduces supply chain visibility and control [...]

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Control Tower Capabilities Redefined

The level of agility required to capture growth opportunities—plus the resiliency needed to manage today’s risks—demands a new way of thinking. E2open’s control tower capabilities bring together the data, applications, artificial intelligence (AI) and [...]

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RHSC Collaborates with its Partners to Deliver Critical Value

The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) is a partnership of public, private and non-governmental organizations dedicated to ensuring that families in developing countries have access to affordable, quality reproductive health and family planning products. [...]

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QSC Audio is Turning Up the Volume with E2open

A leading audio, video and control supplier, QSC needed a planning solution that could keep up with the company’s rapid growth. In this video, Karon Evanoff, VP of Supply Chain at QSC, explains how [...]

  • Unlock the Power of Your Channel

Unlock the Power of Your Channel

If you can understand what you are going to sell tomorrow with 100 percent accuracy, you know what to make today. Hear firsthand from E2open President and CEO, Michael Farlekas, on why demand is [...]

  • E2open_The Challenges of Global Trade Video

The Challenges of Global Trade

Learn how E2open’s suite of global trade management applications and scalable, integrated platform can help transform your supply chain as you face the complexities of global sourcing, trade compliance, and international supply chain visibility [...]

  • ON Semiconductor manufacturing visibility video E2open thumbnail

onsemi on Re-Imagining Manufacturing Visibility

A fast-growing manufacturer of semiconductors, onsemi (formerly ON Semiconductor) serves a broad range of markets. In this video, Umesh Limaye, the company's Director of Solutions and Integrations, talks about how E2open’s Manufacturing Visibility application [...]

  • Supply Chain Collaboration video

Supply Chain Collaboration

Today, supply chain collaboration between buyers and their overseas vendors is usually conducted with an unending merry-go-round of excel documents, emails, last-minute changes and zero visibility into the real-time status of orders and shipments. [...]

  • Going Global With GTM video

Going Global With GTM

Governmental trade restrictions, export rules and reporting requirements are in constant flux and differ from country to country, which makes your job overwhelming. Learn how E2open’s Global Trade Management applications deliver the functionality and [...]

  • Transforming the Global Supply Chain video

Transforming the Global Supply Chain

E2open helps companies transform their global supply chain to improve margins, enable agility and reduce risk through digitization. Learn how you can transform your global supply chain to achieve real-time and secure visibility that [...]

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On-the-Move Insight with Shipment Visibility from E2open

Without visibility into every part of a shipment’s journey in real time, leaders can’t identify potential supply chain disruptions. This often results in costly fees, missed handoffs, last-minute workarounds and dissatisfied customers. E2open’s In-Transit [...]

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Growing China Trade in Full Compliance

Staying on top of frequent changes to customs and global trade regulations that are issued exclusively in Chinese can be challenging. E2open’s integrated applications automate your import, export and audit processes for all your [...]

  • E2open Supply Management

Automated Supply Management

Do you lack visibility across multiple tiers of supply? Is your direct materials supply chain bogged down with emails, calls, faxes, data exchanges and spreadsheets? Do you struggle with high operating and inventory costs? What [...]

Global Trade Compliance: Handling the Complexities

Global trade offers enormous opportunities—but it is also enormously complex. Regulatory compliance must be top priority to avoid penalties, delays and added costs. E2open helps you address global trade compliance complexities by automating all compliance [...]

  • Optimizing Your Logistics Operations

Optimizing Your Logistics Operations

When delivery windows are tight, even minor missteps and miscalculations can have major consequences. E2open’s multimodal logistics applications provide a range of capabilities for removing inefficiencies and optimizing trade lane performance. The benefits are [...]

  • E2open - YOUR BUSINESS - Networked, Harmonized, Optimized, Live.

Our Story: Demand. Supply. Delivered.

As innovation and disruption continuously transform the business environment, you need to turn data into intelligence in an instant. You need insight to adjust nimbly to the market and give customers what they want, [...]

  • Your Supply Chain Unchained

Reinventing Supply Chain Operations

It’s time to unlock agility, intelligence and transparency. Learn firsthand from President and CEO Michael Farlekas how E2open (NYSE: ETWO) is reinventing supply chain management to empower customers with true visibility and insight [...]

  • E2Open Inventory Collaboration

Inventory Visibility and Control

Are you challenged with determining how much stock to build, and where to position it? Do you lack visibility to inventory stored throughout your supply chain? Watch this video and rethink your inventory [...]

  • E2open Demand Sensing Application

Demand Sensing: Confident Predictions Every Day

Gain the assurance to predict the most likely amount of future demand for every item at every location—every day. Unlike traditional demand planning technology that relies on historical sales, E2open’s Demand Sensing application [...]

  • E2open S&OP Financial Planning

E2open S&OP Financial Planning

E2open's Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) application enable best-in-class consensus planning to gain cross-functional agreement and quickly evaluate the financial impact of trade-offs. Learn more about E2open's Sales and Operations Planning application in [...]

  • Introducing the E2open Mobile App

Introducing the E2open Mobile App

E2open’s mobile application empowers planners to track orders and inventory transactions and receive alerts anytime, anywhere. Mobile devices gather information real-time and facilitate “in-the-moment” business decisions. Users can leverage work-offline and sync-later features when [...]

  • E2open Harmony Demo

E2open Harmony Video | Demo

Harmony® is E2open’s supply chain platform that offers a modern and intuitive user experience. The platform utilizes robust data integration and extends across the E2open supply chain intelligent applications. It enables all users across the [...]

  • E2open Enables Recall Management

Recall Management Software: Fast, Efficient, Precise.

Protect your reputation and profitability by establishing superior recall management processes. With E2open’s Recall Management application, you can rapidly trace product origins, identify affected batches and execute swift, transparent and fair recalls. Watch [...]

  • E2open Manufacturing Quality & Traceability

Manufacturing Traceability for Today’s Supply Chain

E2open’s Manufacturing Quality and Traceability application gives you deep visibility into production processes and end-to-end quality information across your supply chain. By collecting data from disparate systems, the application creates comprehensive product genealogies regardless [...]

  • Channel Data Management

Channel Data Management Insights

What if you had all the insight required to make better decisions faster, based on relevant real-time data from across the channel? How would your results change if you could increase sales by quickly [...]

  • How L'oreal manages the complexities via collaboration with their supplier network

How L’oreal manages the complexities via collaboration

Morris Lenczicki, VP of Industrial Systems Applications L’Oréal, USA shares how L’Oréal manages the complexities of seasonality, turn-over of products, promotions and new product introductions via collaboration with their supplier network. Lenczicki also [...]