Author: Daniel Smith, Product Marketing Leader

Author: Daniel Smith, Product Marketing Leader2020-09-16T15:41:19-05:00
Daniel Smith

About Daniel Smith

As Content Editor for the Product Marketing team, Daniel edits and writes content spanning E2open’s entire technology portfolio. He serves as the voice of the customer and subject matter expert for storytelling, writing and the development of product marketing content. His specialty is explaining complex and technical topics in a way that makes them understandable and compelling to a general audience. Daniel joined E2open in 2019 through the acquisition of Amber Road, where he was responsible for messaging and content development across the product portfolio. Previously, he spent 8 years at Baker Hughes, a major global technology and services provider for the oil and gas industry, where he managed major product launches and related marketing activities. Daniel holds a BA in Creative Writing from Cornerstone University, and an MBA from Oklahoma Christian University.

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