Author: Naval Mohta, Senior Director, Solutions Consulting2021-01-01T08:41:12-05:00

Naval Mohta

About Naval Mohta

Naval is a Senior Director, Solutions Consulting at E2open who works with clients to identify and leverage solutions for supply chain planning and execution challenges. Naval helps companies transform their business operations and drive step-change performance improvements by using new technologies. Prior to joining E2open, Naval spent over nine years with SanDisk (now part of Western Digital) serving in various roles. He led the system integration of merger and acquisition (M&A) companies, ran an Asia-Pacific offshore development center in India and managed supply chain solution design and delivery for semiconductor factories in China and Malaysia. Previously, Naval held technology positions at NXP Semiconductors (then Philips Semiconductors). He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the National Institute of Technology Raipur.

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