Author: Veronica Turk, Senior Product Marketing Manager2021-07-01T14:38:51-04:00
Veronica Turk

About  Veronica Turk

As Senior Product Marketing Manager, Veronica provides insights to the industry on the value of E2open’s Transportation and Logistics suite of intelligent applications. She serves as the voice of the customer and subject matter expert on transportation management systems. Before joining E2open, Veronica held positions in marketing, sales, merchandising, customer success and account management across companies within the supply chain industry, focusing primarily on the food and beverage sector. Her expertise lies in understanding and communicating the value of the technologies used to drive crucial supply chain business processes, from order capture through warehousing and on to final-mile delivery. Veronica holds a degree in Economics from Mount Holyoke College and now resides on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

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