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Case Studies

GEODIS Improves Parcel Shipping Visibility for Global E-Commerce Customers

GEODIS, a global transportation and logistics organization, was hindered by a supply chain visibility solution that...
Case Studies

Global Logistics Provider Improves Service Levels, Compliance and Margins

Keeping up with the frequent amendment updates and tariff filing changes in carrier contracts is challenging when y...
Case Studies

Allied Electronics Automates Trade Compliance as Global Sales Grow

Allied Electronics & Automation®, a leading distributor of industrial automation components, found it critical...
Case Studies

Unilever Improves Ocean Supply Chain Operations through Digitalization

With a vast number of ocean shipments spread over multiple destinations, Unilever needed to streamline logistics pr...
Case Studies

Logistics Provider Closes More Business, Develops Stronger Customer Relationship

With the expansion of its global presence and a growing customer base, a leading logistics provider recognized the ...
Case Studies

Global Supply Chain Manufacturer Manages Disruption and Adapts to Strategy Changes

In addition to addressing internal quality control and inventory reporting pressures, a global semiconductor manufa...
Case Studies

Bose Improves Collaboration and Strengthens Partner Network

With the vast majority of Bose’s sales driven through the reseller channel, the company was looking to improv...
Case Studies

Avon Calls on e2open for Better Supply Chain Performance

Avon has a widely distributed supplier and sales base, short product lifecycles, and a constant flow of changing pr...
Case Studies

Boeing 787: Global Supply Chain Management Takes Flight

With 135 structural and systems partner locations around the world involved in the manufacturing and fabrication of...
Case Studies

GE Gains Better Visibility into Channel Sales

GE Automation & Controls is a division of GE that automates the processes that generate half of the world’s p...


November 07, 2022

How Belk Used Ship-From-Store to Thrive During the Pandemic as eCommerce Orders Surged

When Belk needed to meet e-commerce-fueled customer demand, they adopted parcel management technology to optimize order fulfillment from its stores. Learn how Belk utilizes its stores as mini distribution centers to serve their customers, gain efficiencies, decrease shipping time, and improve customer satisfaction for deliveries.

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