SaaS companies are often lumped together by definition, when in reality GTM strategies vary widely. But one thing is for sure—subscription models make it easier for customers to purchase, install, and easily change technology solutions.  While this could be seen to threaten the need for channel partners, it’s quite the opposite.  Renewals require product loyalty and happy customers which channel partners are best placed to deliver.  Customer retention becomes as critical as customer acquisition and “churn” becomes a dirty word.

So, what is the criteria for finding partners who are willing to transition from traditional reseller models, to the opportunity of long-term annuity streams and added services? Have “VARs” (value-added resellers) gone out of style in exchange for labels that better define what a partner can offer, such as an “SSI” (security system integrator) or a master agent?

We will explore these themes with our panel of experts including:

  • Ravi Patel – Leader, EMEA Channels, Zoom
  • Zac Kilpatrick – VP Regional Alliances, Okta
  • Keith Joseph, VP Americas Channel Sales, Proofpoint
  • Chris Stolley, Senior VP Partner Alliances, Optiv

45-minute panel discussion + 30-minute breakout room

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