[CMU Webinar] Creating a Better Partner Experience for the “New Normal”

Partner Experience (PX) is hot right now. It is your partner’s holistic perception of their experience with your business or brand. Every interaction counts. As most vendors are battling for partner mindshare, creating an excellent partner experience can be a critical differentiator. In this session, we will define PX and its components: from partner recruitment and on-boarding through to deal registration, contracts, and delivery. How can vendors remove any friction points to make it easier to do business? What challenges has Covid-19 introduced to existing partner journeys and what are small changes you can make to adapt?

45-minute panel discussion + 30-minute breakout room

Panelists include:

Kathy Contreras, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester.

Roelof Holwerda, Global Partner Marketing Director at Dell Technologies.

Lisa Stifleman-Perry, Sr. Manager Global Partner Experience Operations at Splunk.

Serge Hoffman, Global Head Partner Insights – Partner Experience at SAP.

Megan Ehrhardt, Director of Partner Experience at HP.

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