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Joint planning with partners

Listen to Rahul Roddam, Director of Product Managment at e2open, discuss collaborative channel planning. Joint pla...
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3 Steps to Successful Channel Planning

Knowing what your partners plan to sell, knowing what they plan to do from an enablement and marketing perspective ...
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Global Enterprise Directory

A variety of business scenarios depend on accurate partner identification: Understanding each partner’s indiv...
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Channel Marketing Made Easy for All

You often complement your channel partners’ marketing resources with funds, content, and services to drive profit...

How Schneider Electric Drives Revenue Growth with Harmonized Channel Data

From increasing sales and managing inventory to rewarding partners, Schneider Electric relies on e2open Channel Dat...
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10 conseils pour améliorer la visibilité de votre chaîne

You can market more effectively when you know how much your partners are selling, where, when and to whom. Using da...

Plan de communication sur le channel marketing : guide et modèle pour réussir le lancement

You’re launching a new program or platform to increase partner engagement. You can’t wait to get your partners ...

Liste de contrôle Inbound Channel Marketing : outil d'auto-évaluation pour la modernisation du channel marketing

Discover the capabilities that are essential for channel marketing success by downloading your complimentary copy o...

Six raisons pour lesquelles les entreprises du secteur des BCE se tournent vers les solutions de gestion des signaux de demande

For several years, leading CPG companies have been managing their incoming demand data streams through platforms kn...
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The Latest Thinking on Incentives and Rebates

Listen to five panelists discuss the changes they are seeing in the way incentives and rebates are being used to bo...

Inventory Visibility and Control

Are you challenged with determining how much stock to build, and where to position it? Do you lack visibility to in...
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Channel Application Suite

Unlock the potential of all your channels with a complete 360-degree view of retail, distribution and online at you...
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Sales Order Collaboration

As a brand owner conducting business-to-business selling, you routinely face complex processes involving retailers,...
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Payment Services

Without the help of automation, many challenges can arise when it’s time to pay your channel partners—and costl...
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Incentives and Rebates

Maximize the impact of your channel rebate programs. E2open reduces overpayment risks for even the most complex sce...
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