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Minimize Inventory

Use multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) to set inventory targets for materials and finished goods at all stocking locations in your supply chain, from internal operations to supplier and channel ecosystems. E2open’s Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization application determines the minimum stock needed for your desired service levels. Lower carrying costs, reduced working capital and improved service are just some of the benefits.

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More Accurate Results, More Often

E2open takes a unique approach, consistently providing more accurate inventory targets so you can reach service goals with confidence. You can also update targets more often so they always reflect current market realities.

Optimize inventory across your supply chain:

  • Direct measurement of demand volatility during the specific lead time for each stock-keeping unit (SKU), resulting in more accurate inventory targets

  • More realistic supply chain model and a fast engine to quickly generate results so you can adjust targets frequently to respond to changing demand and supply conditions

  • Simultaneous optimization across all echelons, including trading partner locations, to bring overall inventory to the absolute minimum

  • Easy-to-use interface that includes numerous options for modeling the supply chain, simulating what-if scenarios and conducting root cause analyses

  • Ability to consistently meet target service levels by product, product group and customer

  • 15-30% reduction in inventory, freeing up working capital and reducing carrying costs

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E2open Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization

Now you can meet your service goals for specific products and customers and modify inventory levels to reflect demand and supply uncertainties. E2open addresses all stock and inventory types. 

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Solution Brief

E2open Freshness: Inventory Planning for Products With a Limited Shelf Life

Minimize spoilage and obsolescence. Learn how our specialized freshness capabilities help planners control costs by setting maximum inventory levels to meet freshness targets.

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Cut Your Inventory to the Minimum

Get inventory right at each location in the extended supply chain for optimal service and profitability. Update targets continuously as demand and supply conditions evolve.

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