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Lower Freight Spend

Plan transportation with the same sophistication you leverage for finished goods, incorporating promotional and seasonal sales surges and accurate forecasts of logistics needs. E2open’s Transportation Forecasting application complements existing investments in logistics management systems and enables shippers to plan transportation by lane, mode and class. All modes of transport are supported, including truck, rail, air and ocean.

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Accurate Forecasts for Reduced Logistics Costs

E2open provides logistics teams with insight into their capacity needs so they can shift from being reactive to proactive. Visibility helps them reduce costs, improve service levels and deepen relationships with carriers.

The advantages of being proactive are many:

  • Shipping load forecasts by lane, mode, class and day

  • Ability to anticipate surges with planning for promotions, seasonality and network changes

  • Creation of daily inbound and outbound warehouse forecasts to ensure adequate capacity

  • What-if scenario modeling to evaluate alternative plans

  • Foundation for collaborating with preferred carriers to secure capacity, lower costs and improve service

  • 3-4% improvement in on-time deliveries

  • Up to 8% reduction in excess freight costs

  • Improved planning productivity and job satisfaction as a result of reduced expediting

Take Control of Transportation Spending

Proactively manage transportation and warehouse operations. Gain visibility to your logistics needs so you can secure capacity, reduce spend and deliver better service.

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