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Inventory Collaboration: Less Stock, Better Service

Collaboration with customers and channels gives you valuable insight that helps you manage inventory more effectively. E2open’s Inventory Collaboration application provides visibility into every item and downstream location so you can make better decisions about positioning and replenishing stock. Multiple sell-side vendor-managed inventory (VMI) models are supported. The result is less inventory and better customer service.

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Better Visibility for Better Decisions

E2open’s powerful combination of visibility, analytics, exception management and process automation enables you to monitor demand and inventory while collaborating with trading partners to optimize replenishment.

Advanced features drive results:

  • Real-time inventory visibility covering in-transit, stock-in-channel, sell-in, sell-through and sell-out quantities

  • Alerts for exceptions such as potential inventory shortages, excessive inventory, late shipments and demand-supply imbalances

  • Automated pull and replenishment cycles along with suggested replenishment schedules

  • Support for multiple VMI models, including virtual stock at your location, consigned stock at customer locations and stock at third-party logistics provider hubs

  • Data connectivity that supports rapid customer onboarding, pre-built enterprise resource planning (ERP) interfaces and common data exchange standards

  • 15 – 25% reduction in stockouts for increased revenue and customer satisfaction

  • 20 – 30% reduction in excess and obsolete (E&O) inventory and a 5 – 10% reduction in finished goods and consignment channel inventory

  • 10 – 20% reduction in lost revenue stemming from price protection claims

E2open Inventory Collaboration

Learn how you can gain inventory visibility and control across your entire network to reduce obsolescence and inventory costs.

Win-Win Collaboration

Collaborate with your customers and channels to gain visibility and control over inventory. Create a win-win solution that improves customer service and reduces costs.

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