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Global Trade Management and Logistics Efficiency

Orchestrate the movement of goods anywhere in the world with the agility to respond rapidly to demand changes. Decrease the risk of cross‐border compliance issues in an ever‐changing and volatile trade environment, and reduce costs by simplifying customs duty savings programs.

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Transportation Forecasting and Collaboration

Plan transportation with the same sophistication as finished goods, incorporating promotional and seasonal sales surges and accurate forecasts of logistics needs.

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Logistics Rates and Schedules

Compare lanes and quickly understand costs to select the best carrier option. Get the complete picture with accurate contract data and preferred shipping schedules.

Transportation Management

Rapidly deploy a modern, easy‐to‐use transportation management system (TMS) for domestic and global shippers. Optimize carriers, simplify tendering and streamline payments.

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Shipment Bookings and Instructions

Book directly with selected carriers based on routing, service and transit times. Prepopulate booking requests with instructions and service details to simplify operations.

Import Management

Speed imports with complete information and documentation for every inbound shipment by
collaborating with suppliers, brokers, carriers and forwarders.

Export Management

Automate export compliance, including country controls, denied party screening, license determination and tracking, and document generation for efficient processing.

Duty Management

Ease administrative burdens and maximize benefits for over 500 duty savings and free trade programs by automating qualification and certificate management processes.

Customs Filing

Confidently self‐file with customs agencies to facilitate cross‐border operations and reduce broker fees. Save time by accessing detailed country‐specific compliance rules.

Audit and Settlement

Reduce the time required for freight audits and save 1% to 4% of total freight spend with a smooth, automated process for auditing freight bills and identifying overcharges.

Container Management

Reduce container handling and equipment costs. Improve efficiency by eliminating empty runs and port wait times while lowering your carbon footprint.

Global Logistics Visibility

Take control with real-time visibility into all shipments. Understand the business impact of delays, select the best options and directly orchestrate corrective actions.

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Get Brexit‐Ready in 24 Hours

Protect your business from Brexit’s uncertainties and changing regulations for imports and exports. Ensure compliance and capture duty savings opportunities.

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Global Trade and Logistics Intelligent Application Suite

Manage both trade and logistics on one platform for globally standardized processes, import and export best practices, cost‐cutting programs and reduced compliance risks.

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Weathering the Trade Policy Storm

When trade policy shifts impact your business and products in unforeseen ways, how do you react? Learn how your supply chain can stay productive and even thrive in today’s turbulence.

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Solution Brief

Trade Compliance

Simplify cross‐border transactions, reduce the risk of import/export penalties and fines, and clear customs faster with a full range of applications for trade compliance activities. From duty savings program qualification and management to customs filing, organizations automate and centralize complex compliance tasks across the entire enterprise, saving time, money and headaches.

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Solution Brief


Increase speed, reduce risk and improve performance while gaining end‐to‐end in‐transit visibility for greater agility. Automate shipment planning, forecasting, and multimode domestic and international execution to optimize your logistics operations. A full set of advanced applications provides transportation management and logistics capabilities for importers, exporters and third‐party logistics providers via a platform that is a single source of truth for your entire supply chain.

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Connect, Collaborate, Comply

Connect every party for collaboration and access to critical trade and logistics data. Reduce duties and automate cross-border compliance so goods flow unimpeded.

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