Global Trade Management Intelligent Application Suite

Confidently export and import goods while ensuring regulatory compliance. Save money with trade agreements, customs warehousing and customs declaration self-filing. Strategic applications streamline global trade:

  • E2open Export Management

  • E2open Import Management

  • E2open Trade Agreements

  • E2open Customs Warehouse Management

  • E2open Customs Filing

  • E2open Global Knowledge®

  • E2open China Trade Management

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Transportation and Logistics Intelligent Application Suite

Move goods with agility and efficiency. Gain full visibility for planning, booking, shipping and tracking items worldwide, and optimize carrier choices via a global network. Our applications give you rapid responses to demand:

  • E2open Global Logistics Visibility
  • E2open Transportation Forecasting

  • E2open Rates and Schedules Management

  • E2open Shipment Bookings and Instructions

  • E2open Transportation Management

  • E2open In-Transit Visibility
  • E2open Predictive ETA
  • E2open Audit and Settlement

  • E2open Container Management

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Avantida by E2open

Optimize the handling of empty containers with Avantida by E2open. Discover how to keep driving miles to a minimum, improve container velocity, reduce carrier costs, ship more efficiently and decrease congestion and emissions.

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Cloud Logistics by E2open

Leverage next-generation international transportation management from Cloud Logistics by E2open. A user-friendly system speeds and simplifies carrier selection, visibility, load tendering, collaboration, payments and reporting.

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INTTRA by E2open

Streamline ocean trade with INTTRA by E2open, the ocean shipping industry’s most extensive neutral network, information and software provider. The INTTRA platform handles more than one fourth of the world’s ocean container trade.