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Global Trade Management

Import and export with confidence. Reduce product costs by qualifying for trade agreements and leveraging duty savings programs. Everything you need for global trade management—including customs declaration self-filing capabilities—is in one place, backed by the world’s most comprehensive content.

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Automate USMCA Management to Optimize Savings

Gain competitive advantage and minimize duty costs by leveraging the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) as soon as it’s in force. Automatically qualify goods and efficiently manage origin certificates.

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Export Management

Automate export compliance, including country controls, restricted party screening, license determination and tracking, and document generation for efficient processing.

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Import Management

Speed imports with full compliance by leveraging complete documentation for every inbound shipment and collaborating with suppliers, brokers, carriers and forwarders.

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Trade Agreements

Reduce product costs and overhead by automatically qualifying and managing certificates for over 150 free trade and duty savings programs worldwide.

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Customs Warehouse Management

Optimize duty savings with automated management of duty deferral and refund programs. Fully leverage EU Customs Warehousing and U.S. free trade zones and duty drawbacks.

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Customs Filing

Facilitate cross-border moves and reduce broker fees by confidently self-filing with customs agencies. Save time with access to detailed country-specific compliance rules.

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Global Knowledge®

Enhance compliance with access to the world’s most comprehensive, current and accurate data on regulatory controls, restricted parties, classifications and landed costs.

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China Trade Management

Sustainably grow China operations while managing regional risks. Automate import and export processes, establish regulatory compliance, reduce complexities and cut costs.

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Global Trade Management Intelligent Application Suite

Stay up to date on trade regulations while managing your company’s global trade efforts in one place.

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Weathering the Trade Policy Storm

When trade policy shifts impact your business and products in unforeseen ways, how do you react? Learn how your supply chain can stay productive and even thrive in today’s turbulence.

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Global Trade Academy

Explore our expert-led courses in global trade, available online or onsite. Gain the expertise to manage cross-border transactions around the world.

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Get Brexit‐Ready in 24 Hours

Protect your business from Brexit’s uncertainties and changing regulations for imports and exports. Ensure compliance and capture duty savings opportunities.

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Trade with Confidence

Expedite imports and exports, reduce your cost of goods and ensure compliance by streamlining cross-border transactions based on the world’s most accurate trade content.

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