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China Trade Import and Export Compliance

Trade in China brings immense growth opportunities—if you can comply with complex regional customs regulations that often change without notice. Automation is the only way to be agile and compliant in this environment. With e2open’s integrated applications, businesses can holistically plan and execute all their import and export processes in China, meet national and local compliance requirements and reduce complexity while cutting costs.

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Compliance and Strategic Advantages in China

Clear customs faster, reduce audits and streamline supply chain operations in China through Advanced Certified Enterprise (ACE) status. Confidently navigate unpredictable regulatory changes to gain strategic advantage.

Automation and top trade content move you ahead:

  • Meet the certification requirements for obtaining ACE status

  • Automate China-specific programs—such as General Trade, Processing Trade and Bonded Zone—for all facilities

  • Gain more favorable regulatory terms, minimize inspections and clear customs faster

  • Reduce duty costs by harnessing special opportunities and all available Chinese free trade agreements

  • Speed transactions by automatically generating declaration packages based on the latest trade rules

  • Access the world’s most accurate trade content database to maximize China trade opportunities


One Platform for All Your China Trade

Meet rigorous compliance requirements, reduce direct and indirect costs and enhance supply chain performance for China trade opportunities—all from one place in the cloud.

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Solution Brief

Comprehensive Orchestration for China Trade Management

Easily automate and manage all your China trade operations to achieve full compliance for import, export and multi facility-transactions.

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Tackling Trade Regulation Challenges in China

Listen to experts discuss China’s import and export regulatory changes, the business impact of those changes on your supply chain and best practices for ensuring success.

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Growing China Trade in Full Compliance

Learn how you can efficiently meet all China trade compliance requirements and navigate recurring customs and trade regulation changes with integrated applications from e2open.

China Trade Management in Chinese

Now you can read in the native Chinese language about the many ways e2open China Trade Management enables you to leverage growth opportunities from China trade.

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了解更多e2open中国贸易管理解决方案,帮助您的企业 实现中国贸易业务增长。