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Equipment Management: Track and Manage Efficiently

Efficiency and cost savings accompany visibility, but containers are often as difficult to track as the goods they contain. Now you can consolidate container status updates and standardize the data from multiple sources. With this insight, logistics teams can easily manage container movements—whether for day-to-day operations or strategic decisions. The overall results are lower demurrage, detention and lost container charges.

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Start Saving with Container Transport Planning

Control container moves, reduce handling costs, and ease or eliminate empty runs and wait times. e2open’s Equipment Management application has dedicated capabilities for shippers, trucking companies and ocean carriers.

Track and manage containers efficiently:

  • Optimize street turns by re-using discharged import containers for export bookings

  • Request drop-off and pick-up changes online or automate the process for recurring moves

  • Use online container drop-off and pick-up location change requests and inform your carriers electronically

  • Improve container returns through online collaboration with multiple carriers

  • Leverage ocean carrier capabilities for determining empty container re-positioning pricing


Reducing Costs, Emissions and Empty Miles with e2open Equipment Management

Fewer empty miles lead to increased profits. Make optimal use of your containers by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time data to lower costs and improve efficiency and sustainability.

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Data Sheet

e2open Equipment Management

Global crises have led to container imbalances worldwide. Advanced technology helps shippers, truckers and ocean carriers curtail costly empty container moves by optimizing container utilization.

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  • When the ocean carrier approves, off you go!

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Box Up Equipment Management

Managing the flow of containers—empty or full—isn’t just a concern for ocean carriers. Visibility across the end-to-end supply chain can save money and headaches.

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